SpaceAid Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers with 6 Dividers and 12 Inserts (17-22 in)

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  • Expandable drawer dividers organizer with our 6 Drawer Dividers featuring 12 inserts. These bamboo dividers and inserts allow you to customize your drawer according to your needs, whether it’s for silverware or utensils. The mini dividers can be effortlessly inserted to create smaller or larger storage compartments.
  • Included in this set are 30 label stickers that serve as organizers, enabling you to instantly identify drawer contents. Use a chalk marker to write directly on the label and attach it to the dividers. The preprinted arrow on each label aids in efficient identification.
  • Our bamboo drawer dividers offer adjustable and expandable organization. Each divider is 2.35″ wide, 0.6″ thick, and can expand from 17″ to 22″ in length, making them suitable for most drawers in your home, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, closet, and office.
  • These dividers are designed to stay in place. Their strong spring-loaded design and non-slip rubber pads at the ends ensure they remain sturdy and protect your drawers from scratches.
  • Crafted from high-quality, natural bamboo, these dividers are designed to match the interior finish of most drawers. They are USPTO Patent Pending.
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22 reviews for SpaceAid Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers with 6 Dividers and 12 Inserts (17-22 in)

  1. Sherif Ibrahin

    This organizer was an ideal fit for our cutlery drawer, and its affordability is unbeatable. Initially, we contemplated investing in custom cabinet drawer dividers, each costing $150, but these dividers are impressively crafted and effectively serve their purpose at a fraction of the price.

  2. sabrine

    This item fits exceptionally well and provides a tight, secure fit. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance drawer organization.

  3. mr miles

    This organizer boasts an appealing aesthetic and exhibits impressive durability, setting it apart from alternative choices on the market. The elongated components feature grooves for dividers, enhancing overall stability. What’s particularly noteworthy is that it has earned my wife’s enthusiastic approval, making it a significant win in our household.

  4. Velma Jones

    I’m absolutely thrilled with this product! It’s been a game-changer for organizing my kitchen drawers, and it functions flawlessly. In fact, I’m so impressed that I’m placing an order for another one right away.

  5. Jason Bailey

    Our drawers are exceptionally long and wide, making it challenging to find a suitable silverware holder. However, this product exceeded our expectations. It fits perfectly, providing a snug and convenient solution for organizing our silverware.

  6. Livia dos santos Avila

    Installation was a breeze, and the quality is top-notch. My drawer has never looked this organized before. I highly recommend it.

  7. TDoory

    We’ve been on the hunt for storage solutions to neatly organize our silverware drawer, and the standard storage units just weren’t cutting it. These dividers proved to be the ideal solution! They’re incredibly user-friendly, exceptionally robust, and come equipped with multiple dividers to keep everything neatly arranged.

  8. John D Richards

    I decided to purchase one of these items out of curiosity, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Assembly was a breeze, and its versatility far exceeded my expectations, especially when compared to the few shallow trays it replaced. My formerly chaotic kitchen drawer, once cluttered with utensils of varying sizes and shapes, has now undergone a remarkable transformation. In fact, I was so impressed that I promptly ordered four more!

  9. Reemani

    Over the years, I’ve experimented with various organizers for my craft room drawers, but none of them proved practical or suited my needs. They were either too small, too large, ill-fitting, or simply unattractive, leading me to discard them eventually. However, I’ve now discovered these ingenious adjustable organizers that fit flawlessly and remain firmly in place. The inserts are available in two sizes, allowing customization based on individual requirements. I’m truly enamored by their performance. Having acquired four sets, my tools are finally securely arranged as they should be. If I were to offer a suggestion to the manufacturer, it would be to consider incorporating additional grooves for the sliders, enhancing their flexibility. After all, stationery items come in a wide array of shapes and sizes.

  10. Kimtastic

    In my previous residence, I employed these dividers extensively, and I was inclined to purchase additional units for our new abode due to the increased expanse of our drawer space. The flexibility to tailor the arrangement according to my requirements is something I truly appreciate. If I were to express a minor preference, it would be for a spacer size positioned between the two existing options. Occasionally, I encountered situations where both choices were either slightly too diminutive or excessively large for the precise fit I sought, resulting in some drawer space inefficiency. However, this is merely a minor observation. Overall, I hold these dividers in high regard, and I’m contemplating acquiring another set to effectively organize more of our drawers. My recommendation for them remains steadfast.

  11. Diom

    I enjoyed this product, although I do wish it were a bit more secure. I find that it tends to shift, requiring occasional readjustment. Nonetheless, its quality is superb, and the delivery was prompt. It fulfills its intended purpose effectively.

  12. Grace

    I was pleasantly surprised by the versatility of these adjustable drawers, especially since my own drawers have an unconventional shape. Notably sturdy, they perform admirably, allowing for the organization of items of different sizes within their adaptable slots. In one drawer, I neatly arranged utensils, peelers, graters, pizza slicers, and more, while the other became a dedicated spice haven. This product has truly proven itself to be exceptional.

  13. Thomas B. Pollarda

    I’m quite pleased with how well these are functioning in my kitchen. There was a slight issue with them shifting a bit, but that was primarily because my cabinets have inexpensive MDF bottoms. However, I easily resolved this by utilizing a staple gun and long staples to firmly attach them to the drawer bottoms once I had arranged them to my satisfaction.

  14. Theresa C.

    The dividers prove to be robust, user-friendly, and exceptionally adaptable. Within a matter of minutes, they effortlessly transformed my chaotic kitchen utensil drawer into a meticulously organized area.

  15. Dazzle Driller

    I’ve experimented with various ordinary tray organizers, but I’ve consistently encountered inaccuracies in their measurements. There’s invariably a certain amount of space that goes unused. This particular set, however, is truly remarkable! Its high level of customization has completely revolutionized our cluttered drawer. Now, everything is meticulously arranged, leaving no room for wastage. This investment is unquestionably valuable.

  16. rosemary sanders

    I really appreciate the spring-loaded feature of these items. I customized some cross pieces to precisely match the external width, and I managed to utilize one set for all four drawers. It seems like as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a stronger inclination towards being organized, possibly bordering on OCD.

  17. Vicki J.

    Who would have thought that a wooden drawer organizer could bring about such a transformative experience? I’m thoroughly impressed by this product! Its installation is a breeze, and the level of customization it offers is outstanding. Finally, whenever I open the utensil drawer, locating what I need has become an effortless task.

  18. Michael Sierra

    The quality of this divider is excellent – it’s incredibly sturdy and far from flimsy. Its seamless integration with my kitchen drawer gives it a natural look. Thanks to this set, I successfully revamped three of my kitchen drawers. It’s truly refreshing to have an organizer that not only accommodates all my baking tools systematically but also keeps them easily visible. Gone are the days of relying on a plastic drawer organizer that simply didn’t measure up to the efficiency of SpaceAid.

  19. todd A

    These surpass pre-set drawer organizer trays by a significant margin. They enable effortless construction tailored to your individual requirements. Undoubtedly, one of the finest enhancements to my recently designed kitchen.

  20. The Nanas

    Ideal for generously sized kitchen island drawers, these organizers have proven to be a game-changer. Previously, my items were housed within small baskets, yet I encountered the persistent issue of things rolling around. The level of tidiness achieved is so remarkable that you’ll find yourself enthusiastically inviting family and friends to peek into your well-organized drawers.

  21. Thomas B. Pollard

    I’ve found these to be highly effective in my kitchen. However, given that my cabinets have inexpensive MDF bottoms, there was a tendency for them to shift from their intended positions. To address this, I utilized long staples and a staple gun to anchor them securely to the drawer bottoms once I had achieved a configuration that I was satisfied with.

  22. Linda G.

    Upon initially receiving this product, I was quick to award it a 5-star review. The organizers have an appealing aesthetic, but unfortunately, my satisfaction has diminished over time. The dividers don’t effectively prevent the tips of knives from slipping through, and resolving this issue necessitates gluing them in place. Furthermore, a number of the smaller cross pieces have split apart. To my dismay, the larger separating pieces are so sturdy and tightly fitting that they ended up breaking through the back of our drawer. I deeply regret my purchase and believe you might share the same sentiment.

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