SpaceAid® WrapNeat Organizer Plastic Wrap Dispensers with Cutter For Kitchen 3-Slot

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  • KITCHEN STORAGE HACK: The foil and plastic wrap dispenser is becoming a must-have in the kitchen right now. Comes with 21 labels for every type of wrap, which helps you easily categorize and organize your kitchen drawer.
  • SLEEK AND THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The Built-in Slider Cutter design is a hidden gem! It promises a clean cut every single time, and keeping you away from hurting yourself, makes it the best plastic wrap dispenser with a cutter.
  • COMPATIBLE TO YOUR NEED: After thorough research and tests, our plastic wrap organizer is compatible with the majority of kitchen foils & wrap brands in the market. You don’t have to worry about the size issue when you make the purchase.
  • AESTHETIC WAY OF ORGANIZATION: Still annoyed about the messy kitchen drawer full of foils & wraps with card boxes? Here comes the solution. The SpaceAid plastic wrap dispenser provides an aesthetic way to organize your kitchen drawer.

Bamboo Wood



Item Weight

2.8 Pounds


14"L x 8.5"W

31 reviews for SpaceAid® WrapNeat Organizer Plastic Wrap Dispensers with Cutter For Kitchen 3-Slot

  1. Susan Franklin

    I’m absolutely thrilled with these organizers for my cling wrap and foil. They’ve done wonders for keeping my bag drawer organized and clutter-free. Plus, the inclusion of the cutter(s) is a fantastic bonus that adds even more value to this product.

  2. Kellie Dyslins

    Assembling these was a breeze, and they stack neatly. I adore the added accessibility it provides for our water bottles and travel coffee mugs. What’s even better is that it contributes to reducing plastic waste in the world, which I truly appreciate.

  3. sandra v.

    Appreciate this product if you find yourself requiring a specific cover, rather than having everyone handle an unpackaged box.

  4. jim kaufman

    It’s designed to accommodate only smaller rolls, yet its sturdy construction and efficient cutting performance were the prime reasons behind my purchase. I had grown weary of dealing with untidy rolls, damaged boxes, and the hassle of trying to cut a piece of plastic wrap smoothly.

  5. Monica L

    If I had additional space, I would definitely purchase more of these! I haven’t come across any negative reviews for these products. They are incredibly user-friendly and practical. There’s no assembly required as they come pre-assembled, ready to store your items like boxes of plastic wrap or any other items you prefer.

  6. Cami

    This product is fantastic for keeping plastic film, parchment paper, and aluminum foil neatly organized. What sets it apart is its ability to accommodate Costco/Sams size rolls, making it an absolute favorite of mine!

  7. Yessenia Perez

    I am impressed by how effectively it transformed my kitchen into an organized space. The level of convenience it offers is exceptional, making it highly recommendable.

  8. Elisha

    This product is a clutter and space-saving hero! It ensures everything is easily accessible and appears beautifully organized. Moreover, tearing off items is a breeze with its user-friendly design.

  9. Claudia Zurita Lara

    Here’s another fantastic addition to help you organize and declutter your cabinets. This product is the real deal! I have mine hanging on the wall and I absolutely adore it. The only minor setback is that I haven’t been able to find wax paper that fits perfectly in it.

  10. Luquette

    The construction is excellent. Just ensure that you select the appropriate rolls in terms of diameter and length that perfectly fit inside the container.

  11. M Jay

    Definitely a must-have for the kitchen!
    Excellent quality.
    Amazing price.
    Meticulously packaged and arrived on time.
    The company’s customer service is easy to reach and they resolve any issues promptly.
    Things I Don’t Like:

    There’s absolutely nothing to dislike!
    Overall Impression:

    I’m extremely satisfied with this product and wholeheartedly recommend it to others. When I require another item of this nature, I will definitely repurchase it!

  12. Teresa Butler

    I can’t believe I lived without this for so long! It’s incredibly user-friendly, and I can’t help but wish I had discovered it years ago. In fact, I’m considering getting another one because it’s just that good.

  13. Madeleine

    This is only my second Amazon review ever, despite being a frequent shopper on the platform. However, this purchase truly deserves a review as it stands as one of my best acquisitions. Organizing my plastic wrap (which I had an abundance of due to some work pranks), tin foil, parchment paper, and other items was always a struggle. Everything would constantly topple over in my cabinets, adding to the chaos. Given the limited kitchen and storage space in my apartment, maintaining functionality and organization has always been a challenge.

    But then I discovered this product. I hung both the regular version and the longer version, along with a ziploc organizer (thank you, Amazon), in my washer/dryer closet, conveniently located in my kitchen. Let me tell you, it has made my day-to-day life so much easier. I promise! If you’re grappling with organization in a small space, this is an absolute necessity. I would also highly recommend considering the longer version for parchment and wax paper. And don’t forget to look into the ziploc organizer—it’s a game changer too!

  14. lionfamlee5

    The SpaceAid WrapNeat 3 in 1 Wrap Organizer is an essential item for every kitchen. Its sleek design combines a dispenser for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and wax paper, all in one convenient holder.

    With included cutters and labels, this organizer simplifies the process of wrapping leftovers and ensures a well-organized pantry. The natural bamboo finish adds an elegant touch to your kitchen decor.

    Designed to accommodate 12″ rolls, the holder securely holds them in place while you cut, eliminating the frustration of unraveling. Installing and maintaining the dispenser is effortless, making it a perfect addition to any home.

    In summary, the SpaceAid WrapNeat 3 in 1 Wrap Organizer is a thoughtfully crafted and highly functional product that enhances efficiency and organization in your kitchen.

  15. Jeanna Towers-Fitzroy

    I’m absolutely delighted by the pristine cleanliness of these containers and the remarkable transformation they have brought to the organization of my drawer.

  16. Andresaludintegral

    This product is incredibly convenient for optimizing space in drawers when storing loose paper rolls. Its ease of use, high-quality material, and effortless cleaning make it a standout. Additionally, the charming name decals added a delightful touch that I truly appreciated.

  17. MonaLisa

    I was fed up with worn-out boxes and difficult-to-tear edges! This product was exactly what I needed! It’s well-crafted and features a clever design. My only wish is that it included a few blank labels. I happen to have crockpot liners!

  18. Vera J. Osguthorpe

    I really appreciate the practicality of this organizer. It has received a lot of positive feedback from everyone who has seen it, and they are also planning to purchase one for themselves. The dispenser makes it effortless to get the exact amount of foil, wrap, or parchment needed. I am pleased with my decision to acquire it!

  19. danielle

    The wrap organizer is effortless to use and helps keep our drawer neatly arranged. Plus, there’s no need to fret about accidentally injuring yourself with those flimsy cardboard box cutters anymore.

  20. Cav Trooper 19DD

    The wrap organizer is impressively crafted and boasts an attractive appearance. Additionally, the cutters function flawlessly and come at a reasonable cost.

  21. Cav Trooper 19DD

    It’s wonderful to have all three types of wrapping in one place, and there is still plenty of room in our drawer with it. The ability to easily cut plastic wrap is fantastic, although occasionally I need to push it down further into the grooves to ensure a proper cut. However, this is a minor issue and I no longer waste plastic wrap or struggle to remove it in pieces. Additionally, it’s a great time-saver and effortless to clean. I highly recommend this product, especially since it came with stickers for “Plastic,” “Aluminum,” and “Wax.” Plus, the price was a pleasant surprise.

  22. Naomi Wands

    I absolutely adore this organizer that helps me keep my wraps neat and in order. The cutting tool is simply fantastic as it eliminates the risk of injuring your fingers on the jagged edges of a typical box.

  23. Lucian Cristea

    I am thoroughly impressed with this product. The construction is excellent, the blades are incredibly sharp, and it looks very sleek.

  24. Simmy Legear

    I think this product is fantastic, even though it’s not compatible with longer wax paper and tin foil. The fact that it has holes for hanging is a bonus and adds to its appeal.

  25. Lady

    The cutting tool fails to effectively slice through foil, instead causing it to tear. Additionally, the dispenser cannot accommodate the larger-sized plastic wrap roll from Costco. Despite these issues, I still appreciate its functionality and it helps to keep my drawer organized.

  26. Amanda langley

    Prior to getting this product, I had struggled to store my foil and plastic wrap in a single drawer. However, this changed once I acquired this item. What I particularly like about it is that it includes various labels, allowing you to identify the contents with ease. As a result, your kitchen area looks organized and tidy, rather than cluttered. I purchased it during a sale, but even though the price was higher than I wanted to pay, I’m satisfied with my decision.

  27. MT

    This organizer has proved to be an excellent solution for my drawer, where I store my items. Moreover, it has minimized wastage and simplified the usage process, eliminating the need to struggle with finding the end of the roll or tearing off the desired piece.

  28. Sneakerhead Twin Dad

    I found this wrap organizer to be precisely what I needed to tidy up my kitchen supplies. It was quite effortless to load my frequently used rolls such as foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap. The openings are designed to accommodate standard-sized tubes, but anything larger won’t fit. The only drawback I encountered was the subpar quality of the blade, which occasionally causes the material to pinch before cutting. Nevertheless, apart from that, I have no complaints about this product.

  29. Elisha McDaniel

    If you’re looking to declutter your cabinets and get more organized, this kitchen wrap organizer is a must-have. I’m really happy with it and have it hanging on my wall.

  30. Taylor Dishner

    I adore the appearance of this plastic wrap dispenser, and its functionality is equally impressive. Although I may have overlooked it in the description, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it comes with sliding cutters. This feature makes it effortless to obtain perfectly shaped squares. In the past, I struggled with poorly cut foils and parchment due to flimsy product boxes that tore or folded when I applied pressure with heavy-duty materials. With this wrap organizer, that problem is a thing of the past.

  31. Riley Wonder

    The WrapNeat Dispenser is impressively heavy and durable, but unfortunately, I lack a shallow drawer, so I store it alongside Ziplock bags in a deep drawer. When using it, I often have to remove it from the drawer and place it on the island. However, I have experienced some issues with the side magnet cover falling off and the rolls falling out. Additionally, all three openings have a chipped edge, causing the Saran Wrap and aluminum foil to tear. I plan on sanding it to rectify the issue. Despite these challenges, it has aided in keeping my items organized and reducing packaging waste.

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