SpaceAid® Storage Bag Organizers Food Baggies Storage Solution for Kitchen 4-in-1 Box

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  • FOOD STORAGE BAG HOLDER: Make your drawer neat and organized with this bamboo box; The bag organizer is designed specifically for your food storage bags organization.
  • LESS CUTTER, MORE SPACE: The unique 4-in-1 design of our storage bag organizer, which maximizes the space of your kitchen drawer! There is no more ziploc storage bags cluttering around your kitchen and makes everything messy, and you can get rid of those annoying card boxes.
  • PURCHASE WITHOUT STRUGGLE: Our storage bag organizer comes with 4 different sizes slots, and they are designed to holds different size of storage bags include Gallon, Quart, Sandwich and Snack sizes bags. You can also fit it with other reusable storage bags or freezer bags too!
  • NO ASSEMBLE NEEDED: This baggie organizer comes in one piece and there is no assembling required. It’s so easy to use and all you need to do is labeling each slot and fill them with storage baggies.

18 reviews for SpaceAid® Storage Bag Organizers Food Baggies Storage Solution for Kitchen 4-in-1 Box

  1. Crys Raffa

    While some may consider this product unnecessary as similar options can be constructed or bought in a box, this baggie organizer is a valuable purchase for me as a single mother of two children with special needs. By mounting it on the wall, I can keep it out of their reach and label each compartment, enabling me to monitor what needs to be restocked easily. Although I wish the lid was more secure, it may be due to the number of bags I put in each slot. Overall, I believe this ziplock bag dispenser is worth buying and I found it simple to install with only a screwdriver.

  2. Tara R

    I absolutely adore this storage bag organizer! It is ideal and looks far more sophisticated than a plain cardboard box. Normally, I purchase the jumbo drawer pack from Target, and this product nearly accommodates the entire box in one go, which is roughly around 200 bags.

  3. Amy Hite

    The food storage bag organizer performs well and I appreciate the option of using the title stickers or leaving them off. It offers a variety of bag options. However, the top has a tendency to slide and is difficult to secure in place. On a positive note, this baggie organizer is designed to fit in a standard kitchen drawer, making it convenient.

  4. Tamara W

    The only negative aspect of the baggie organizer was a mistake on my part. I correctly placed the stickers on the slots, but I failed to recognize that the gallon bag should be closest to the drawer. Pulling a bag in the opposite direction causes the lid to slide. However, this is not a problem with the product itself, which is incredibly sturdy and has the perfect size. It fits easily in a drawer and I highly recommend it. I have replaced all my boxes with this sandwich bag organizer and it has saved me a lot of space. If you are short on space like me, I believe it’s worth the investment.

  5. Cheryl G.

    This baggie organizer is truly remarkable. Despite its initial size, it did not fit in our drawers; however, I ingeniously mounted it horizontally in my pantry, and it operates exceptionally well. Furthermore, its effortless removal from the wall and reloading feature have been particularly beneficial. This storage bag organizer has substantially expanded my available storage space, and the clear labeling system has simplified the task of locating specific bags.

  6. Blessed Momma

    “The baggie organizer exhibits excellent quality and is uncomplicated to fill. Although upon initial unboxing, there was a slight fragrance, it dissipated after allowing for some ventilation.

    The aesthetic appeal of the product is commendable, and it greatly aided my daughter in selecting the appropriate size with ease, resulting in her fondness towards it.”

  7. Connor Flansburg

    The ziplock bag storage idea is great and the product functions well, but we encountered a couple of problems. Firstly, I accidentally dropped a new heavy-duty foil box on top of it, resulting in a cracked cover that broke easily even after being glued back together. Secondly, the 3 smaller compartments meant for snack, sandwich, and quart baggies are too narrow for the latter, which is disappointing because increasing their width by just half an inch would have been an easy fix.

  8. kristin

    The baggie organizer is of excellent quality and made with top-notch materials. The only drawback I encountered was that the quart-sized bags with a sliding clip did not fit into the designated spot. However, regular baggies without the clip fit perfectly.

  9. Donna Wallace

    This baggie organizer was a great solution for me as it helped me to declutter my shelf by removing the baggie boxes that were always in my way. I have a limited space in my pantry, so being able to free up some room was essential. The best part is that this ziplock baggie organizer can be oriented in different ways, and it can also fit in a drawer if necessary. Overall, I think this is an excellent product.

  10. Tika M

    If only I had purchased the version with two larger slots as I have both regular gallon and freezer gallon bags. Nonetheless, I sorted it out by labeling the “”Freezer”” and “”Gallon”” bags and placing them in the same slot. As I only own one small style bag, I used the other slot for slow cooker bags. Although I initially used the label from the bag box, I plan to create my own in due course. I intend to hang the baggie organizer inside my pantry door.

  11. Deb Mullins

    I was delighted to come across this ziplock bag organizer. After relocating to a new home, we discovered that the drawers in our kitchen were not as spacious, causing our ziplock boxes to get damaged. Initially, I only spotted an organizer with a depth of 3 inches, but eventually stumbled upon the one with a depth of 2 1/2 inches, and it’s just perfect for our needs. I absolutely love it!

  12. Christine Edmond Brooms

    “I am highly satisfied with this ziplock baggie organizer. It has efficiently assisted in decluttering my small living area, allowing my children to easily access the bags they require. Initially, I believed it to be an unnecessary acquisition, but it has proven to be a valuable tool in maintaining an organized space.

    In addition, the inclusion of labels indicating the size of each bag is a feature that I appreciate.

    Overall, I would not hesitate to buy this baggie organizer again.”

  13. Roberta Coburn

    This ziplock baggie organizer is a joy to keep in your drawer and makes you feel like a pro at organizing. No longer do my ziplock bags end up in a chaotic mess after pulling out just one or two from the box. It’s effortless to insert a new set of bags into this organizer, and I have never had more than one bag come out at once when I grab just one. I liked it so much that I gifted it to my three sisters for Christmas! Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with this baggie organizer.

  14. TheCraftyCougar

    I regret not choosing the option with 2 spacious compartments as I own both regular gallon and freezer gallon bags. To make use of the 2-in-1 slot feature, I placed my “Freezer” and “Gallon” labels together. As I only own one small-sized bag, I allocated the other compartment for slow cooker bags. Initially, I utilized the label that came with the bag box but plan to create my own in the future. I intend to hang the baggie organizer inside my pantry door for convenient access.

  15. Meagan

    This kitchen organizer is simply amazing! I used to store my boxes of plastic bags in a kitchen drawer, but this attractive BAMBOO plastic bag organizer has made my life easier. It is designed in the exact same way that I had arranged my boxes of bags, but it is much more compact. With four compartments, I can load this baggie organizer with all the different sizes of bags and do away with the multiple boxes for gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack bags. If you prefer to buy large-sized boxes of bags, you can easily refill or load this organizer from them. Now my “bag drawer” has more space as everything fits neatly into the four compartments of this organizer. The top of the box slides off effortlessly, allowing for easy filling of each walled compartment with bags. The organizer comes with THREE sets of labels that have black print on CLEAR LABELS, which enables the pretty wood to show through. The labels read GALLON, FREEZER, HALF GALLON, QUART, SANDWICH, SNACK, and FZR QUART. Although it is slightly pricey, it is well worth the investment. I highly recommend this organizer!

  16. Stacy C

    My husband and I both agree that purchasing this baggie organizer on Amazon has been one of my best impulse buys. Previously, my bag boxes were prone to falling out of the cabinet and tearing apart. But with my new bag holder, I no longer need to keep the boxes and can simply toss the bags into the holder. The holder is a wooden box that I can easily pull out of the cabinet and select the size of bag that I need. To further facilitate organization, the holder comes with clear labels featuring black print to indicate the size of bags in each slot. Thanks to this purchase, I now feel much more organized!

  17. Brittany Ananea

    I am head-over-heels in love with this zip lock baggie organizer! Not only is it a breeze to use and fill up, but it has also magically transformed my cluttered drawer space into an oasis of organization. By mounting it on my wall, I have unlocked a world of storage potential I never knew existed. And let’s not forget the cute little stickers that come with it – they’ve turned my labeling game up a notch! Without a doubt, I would purchase this product again and shout its praises from the rooftops to anyone who will listen!

  18. Alan Caragan

    Initially, I purchased this baggie organizer but later realized that I required an additional one, so I bought the 5-slot version instead. The picture was a bit misleading, and it would be helpful if they updated it. Unfortunately, the 5-slot option wasn’t available in grey, but it still serves its purpose well in my drawer.

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