SpaceAid® 2 in 1 Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder with Spray Bottle Inside Center in White for Cheap Sale

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  • Multifunctional Design: This 2-in-1 under cabinet paper towel holder features a stand with an integrated spray bottle in the center, ensuring a neat and organized kitchen countertop.
  • Convenient Cleaning: With the spray bottle pump located within the paper towel holder, you can effortlessly spray and wipe surfaces in one swift motion, saving valuable time.
  • Space-saving Solution: Keep your countertop tidy by utilizing the combined spray bottle and paper towel holder in a single, efficient location.
  • Durable and Reliable: Crafted from solid metal, this holder can securely accommodate various paper towel sizes and the spray bottle, promising long-lasting use without any risk of detachment.
  • Easy Assembly and Use: The paper towel holder with spray bottle is user-friendly and straightforward to assemble. Simply grab the top of the holder and clean up messes wherever they may be. USPTO Patent Pending.




Mounting Type



15.2"L x 7.5"W

18 reviews for SpaceAid® 2 in 1 Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder with Spray Bottle Inside Center in White for Cheap Sale

  1. Pedro P. Polakoff III

    We’ve loaded up the container with food-safe disinfectant, making the task of maintaining cleanliness and sanitization in our kitchen counters and prep spaces incredibly convenient. Now, all you need to do is grab the container and a cloth simultaneously, give it a spray, and wipe away for hassle-free cleaning.


    I absolutely adore this paper towel holder! The inclusion of the spray bottle is incredibly practical, and I’ve filled mine with disinfectant, making it even more convenient. It would make for an excellent gift choice as well.

  3. Prisephanie Savoy

    I grew weary of dealing with my outdated paper towel holder. It proved quite cumbersome to handle and rotate. However, this new one I’ve acquired represents a significant improvement, and the inclusion of a sprayer is a feature I find particularly impressive.

  4. Jamie Floyd

    What an ingenious concept, and a fantastic solution for saving space! This product is robust and of excellent quality. I’ll be sure to share a photo when I have the chance. The built-in sprayer is a game-changer for me, as I dislike having cleaning products cluttering my countertop. With this, I can swiftly access the sprayer and paper towels to clean my kitchen surfaces, cabinets, or any unexpected spills, all while neatly concealing that bulky cleaning bottle. It’s a win-win!

  5. R. Cortez

    I adore the versatility of the transparent liquid I pour into my spray bottle, which happens to be a multipurpose cleaner. The sheer convenience of having this cleaner within arm’s reach alongside my paper towels is truly a game-changer. It’s been a lifesaver at the dining table, especially when dealing with those sudden, blink-of-an-eye toddler-induced sticky messes.The sturdy stand that holds the paper towels is impressively robust, making it a breeze to pull off towels when needed. Considering its cost, I must say that this item provides peace of mind and significantly streamlines at least one aspect of your cleaning routine.

  6. Iryna Yunko

    I am absolutely delighted with my towel rack; it’s exactly what I had in mind. The inclusion of a liquid dispenser makes it incredibly convenient. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase – it’s truly outstanding.

  7. Kateryna Hamoiunova

    Convenient item! It’s remarkably straightforward to set up, and the design is elegantly minimalistic. I believe it will seamlessly blend into any kitchen decor. My kitchen was sorely missing a paper towel holder like this, and I wholeheartedly endorse it.

  8. Logan Shimabukuro

    I adore this product for its ability to efficiently house both my cleaning supplies and towels in a single, convenient location. It not only saves valuable table space but also simplifies the cleaning process tremendously!

  9. Rina Huynh

    I absolutely adore this product; it’s incredibly convenient. It allows you to easily store paper towels and has a built-in water spray for instant table cleaning. I’m genuinely impressed with its quality! I’ll definitely be buying it again.

  10. terra baughma

    I am thoroughly impressed with this innovative paper towel holder. It has truly won me over with its exceptional functionality and stylish design.

  11. Valery Nicola

    An ideal complement to my kitchen decor, this product is a flawless match. Its seamless integration enhances the overall aesthetic, blending harmoniously with the existing design elements. Truly a perfect pairing that I couldn’t be happier with!

  12. Allison D

    I’m thoroughly impressed with every aspect of this product. Its durability is remarkable, and the inclusion of the spray bottle is a standout feature for me. I wholeheartedly endorse its use and would certainly suggest it to others.

  13. DCRapscallion

    Absolutely fantastic! I used to have a dedicated spray bottle on the table for toddler spills, but this product streamlines everything beautifully. It’s also incredibly handy for outdoor dining – just pick it up and you’re good to go. I’m thoroughly impressed!

  14. Keisha C.

    Introducing the Spray Neat Paper Towel Holder – a blend of sleek aesthetics and effortless assembly. This innovative design seamlessly combines the convenience of having paper towels and spray cleaner within reach, making tasks a breeze to accomplish.

  15. Thelma Rosario

    I’m absolutely enamored with it. It exudes both functionality and beauty. No longer do I need to engage in extensive searches when tidying up various sections of my kitchen; it streamlines the cleaning process remarkably. Additionally, its aesthetic blends seamlessly with the overall look of my kitchen space.

  16. Kemya Scott

    I’ve found the perfect paper towel holder in this robust product. Its stable base stays firmly in place without any wobbling. The inclusion of a spray bottle is a brilliant innovation! I’ve placed it in my kitchen, and the spray bottle has proven to be incredibly useful.

  17. iyvonna

    Extremely simple to arrange, consolidating all components conveniently. You can effortlessly replenish your preferred disinfectant spray bottle right at your fingertips. A flawless addition to your kitchen or bathroom that I wholeheartedly endorse.

  18. Frank

    I highly recommend this product. Its substantial base prevents any movement, ensuring everything stays securely in place. Moreover, I’m particularly fond of the spray container, which adds a remarkable convenience to cleaning tasks.

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