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  • DECIDE YOUR SPACE: the SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Organizer comes with 4 Dividers and 9 inserts, which provide a brand new way of organization. You can organize everything from kitchen utensils to dining room supplies, it could even be used as the bathroom drawer organizers, and you can easily control the size of each storage segments with bamboo inserts.
  • AJUSTABLE AND COMPATIBLE: Each expandable bamboo drawer organizer is 2.35″ wide, 0.6″ thick and expandable from 17″ to 22″ in full length; Suitable for almost any drawer in your home, from kitchen, bathroom to bedroom or closet, make the most of your space.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION LIKE A BREEZE: The sleek Spring-Load Design makes installation as easy as pie. The non-slip pad keeps the drawer organizer stay in the place, and prevent from scratching the drawers.
  • 100% NATURALLY MADE: The Bamboo Drawer Organizer is made with high-quality natural bamboo, more eco-friendly and sustainable!

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33 reviews for SpaceAid® Bamboo Drawer Organizers Expandable Drawer Dividers

  1. Angela Callisto

    Honestly. if you become extremely enthusiastic about organizing things. BUY THESE!  I will be ordering more because I was able to utilize two sets on three separate kitchen drawers. Bonus: My drawers (and most people’s) match the bamboo hue nicely!

  2. Jayme Hargett

    These drawer dividers are effective if you require the longer pieces or can adjust the dividers to suit your needs. When organizing my utensil drawer, I utilized three stabilizing bars, including one on the left side, to keep the small divider in place, and had no problems. However, in the second photo, the dividers won’t sit flush against the drawer’s side without assistance. Having an additional long bar would be beneficial, prompting me to consider purchasing another set to enhance the organization in my second drawer.

  3. John Roberts

    The bamboo drawer organizer is simple and it functions effectively. It has enabled me to arrange my sizeable collection of cooking utensils in a way that allows me to locate my spatula without having to sift through extra knives. Although the dividers offer a decent amount of durability, I suspect that they would be even more robust if the smaller dividers were used. However, in my case, I required the full length of the dividers for most of the slots.

  4. GiGi

    These bamboo drawer dividers are simply amazing for organizing your drawers. I purchased a pack for my silverware drawer and was pleasantly surprised that they also worked well for my oven mitt and junk drawer. They were so effective that I decided to get another set for my deep glass bowl drawer. I placed two planks on top of each other and slid two dividers down the slots, creating the perfect solution. I am absolutely in love with these bamboo dividers!

  5. GoatLady

    I purchased for bamboo drawer divider. They have significantly improved the functionality and appearance of my drawers. The customization options allowed me to create the perfect setup for my needs. However, it’s worth noting that if you’re using a small cross divider that abuts the side of the drawer, there won’t be a slot for it to fit into on the drawer side. To remedy this, I used clear packing tape to secure it in place.

  6. Thom Ianniccari

    I have generously sized drawers that could benefit from separators longer than 22 inches. However, when using only one of the long separators, they have a tendency to shift. This could be due to the fact that my drawers are unusually large. For a standard kitchen drawer, the bamboo drawer are suitable and aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Dennis Foltz

    I’ve had trouble finding bamboo drawer divider trays that fit my larger kitchen drawers, so I decided to give this one a try. And I’m so glad I did! Unlike other trays, this one is spring-loaded, which means it can expand to fit my drawer perfectly and stay securely in place using tension. Plus, it comes with small dividers that can be customized to suit my needs. Overall, I’m really impressed with this product and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

  8. Karen Henderson

    I successfully optimized space for my two big drawers with this product! The end result exceeded my expectations, and I’m thrilled with it. However, it’s essential to measure your drawers before buying to ensure you purchase the correct size. This product comes in two different sizes, and buying the wrong size can lead to issues. I would have preferred a vertical arrangement, the flexible divider still worked well, and I’m happy with the outcome. This bamboo drawer organizer is a bit pricey, but I managed to score it on sale, making it worth the investment. Overall, I highly recommend this product!

  9. Karen Sum

    Initially, I struggled with arranging my flatware and utensils in the drawers. I unboxed the items and started to figure out how to put them together like a puzzle. Fortunately, bamboo drawer divider fit tightly and are sturdy. The inclusion of labels is a plus, especially in case my husband decides to put away the dishes. This way, he can easily identify where each item should go 😉.

  10. Elizabeth Laymon

    Although bamboo drawer sturdy and user-friendly, I feel that for the price, there should have been more alternatives for the small wooden inserts, such as snap or cut-to-fit options for a more precise fit. Regrettably, I had to leave a small gap, which looks unappealing, and limits the number of items that can be accommodated and accessed easily. This aspect has caused me a bit of frustration, but overall, it’s been instrumental in preventing my junk drawer from appearing cluttered.

  11. Monika Kristofferson

    I appreciate the customizable compartments of this organizer which allow me to adjust the size of each section based on the items I need to store. Using the provided stick, I can easily extend the drawer dividers to fit larger items. While organizing a small make-up drawer, I found that using only one divider down the middle of the drawer did not provide enough support for the sections, as the dividers were not fitting snugly in the grooves built into them. In the future, I plan to use this organizer in a larger drawer, such as an office desk or kitchen junk drawer, where I can utilize the dividers on the outside and use the inserts to create more sections. Overall, I am excited to continue using this bamboo drawer divider for future organization projects.

  12. Alyssa Martin

    I am grateful that my kitchen drawers are no longer messy, thanks to these amazing bamboo drawer! Unlike other options, these stay in place when I open and close the drawers, and the spacers have been a complete game changer. The only way they could be improved would be with smaller (perhaps 3 inch) inserts for better organization of small items and narrower drawers.

  13. Kevin Thompson

    I’ve used other bamboo drawer divider before, but none like this product! This one comes with inserts and labels so you can create a custom drawer. I used this for a bar accessories drawer in my butler’s pantry, but I’d recommend it for a kitchen, bathroom, or dresser drawer. The product is very sturdy and well made and it’s adjustable and expandable. The dividers have little notches for the inserts too. I love bamboo products because they are eco-friendly and elevate the drawer space to next level chic. Highly recommend!!


    I have never come across anything as effective as these bamboo drawer when it comes to arranging my belongings. Not even silverware holders, bins, or baskets have done the job as efficiently as these. I regret not having discovered them 20 years ago. These organizers can be personalized to fit your drawer, items, and preferred layout, unlike traditional silverware organizers. Moreover, they come with labels that make identifying items much easier. One great feature is that they can be easily rearranged if you decide to change the layout or get rid of some items. These organizers are truly versatile and customizable, making them an excellent investment.

  15. Kennedy Donaldson

    If you’re looking to organize your drawers, the SpaceAid bamboo drawer dividers are an excellent choice. They are durable and sturdy, and what sets them apart is the inclusion of separators and labels. The separators let you create smaller compartments, while the labels make upkeep effortless. These dividers are particularly useful for shallow drawers where finding the right size divider can be challenging.

  16. Linda Moran

    Being a professional organizer, I am constantly on the lookout for exceptional products to utilize in my clients’ living spaces. I am pleased to report that SpaceAid has crafted an exceptional product that has exceeded my expectations. I am eager to procure it again and will certainly endorse it to all my clients. This bamboo drawer divider is exceptionally convenient to utilize and comes with an impressive bonus warranty. Overall, a fantastic product!

  17. Laura Gray

    I highly recommend this bamboo drawer dividers for anyone who wants to organize their spices. Previously, my spices were in a cabinet and out of sight. But now, with the help of these drawer dividers, I was able to create a custom layout that perfectly fits my needs. These dividers are versatile and appear to be made for any wood drawer. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  18. Amanda Campbell

    I am delighted with bamboo drawer divider! They are robust, exquisitely crafted, and give the impression that I have personalized kitchen drawers. The bamboo drawers they come with allow me to establish additional sections, which significantly aids my organizational skills!

  19. Crystal McCauley

    After using these kitchen bamboo drawer organizer, I am thrilled with how tidy and easily accessible everything is. No more frustrating searches or requests for help locating items! The only reason I’m not giving this product a full five-star rating is that the width dividers weren’t always a perfect fit for my needs, leaving some areas slightly wider than necessary. Nonetheless, I plan to purchase more for use in other parts of my home and garage because they’re definitely worth the investment.

  20. Eduarda Benedini

    Upon receiving these bamboo dividers, I immediately put them to use by organizing my new kitchen drawers the same day. I was impressed with the quality of the long, spring-loaded dividers, which have rubber tips at both ends to keep them securely in place. Additionally, the package includes two different-sized horizontal pieces that proved useful in creating compartments within the drawer. While the bamboo dividers can be cut to size if needed, I found the pre-cut sizes to be adequate for my organizational needs. I purchased two packages to accommodate two drawers, and was pleasantly surprised to have enough left over pieces to organize an additional drawer. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy these dividers again in the future.

  21. Cheryl Deslatte

    I’m very impressed with this organizer – it’s sturdy and fits perfectly in my drawer. Being able to create different sized sections has been incredibly helpful in keeping all my items organized and preventing them from rolling around. It’s worth noting that the springs holding the bamboo drawer dividers in place are robust, so you’ll need to apply some pressure to secure them.

  22. thirupathi rayudu

    I had two large drawers that needed better organization and this product exceeded my expectations! The end result is fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. However, I do recommend measuring your drawer before purchasing, as there are two different sizes available. Additionally, it’s crucial not to exceed the maximum size, as even a slight difference can impact the effectiveness of the dividers. I purchased the 17″-22″ size and my drawer was just a bit over 22″, which made the dividers too loose to stay up. As a solution, I turned the dividers sideways and stored everything horizontally. While I would have preferred a vertical setup, the flexible divider still did the job. Although the product is a bit expensive, I was fortunate to snag it on sale. Overall, I highly recommend this bamboo drawer divider!

  23. RookieBob

    Two weeks ago, I purchased the SpaceAid Bamboo drawer dividers and was so impressed that I decided to buy a second one. Although I realize it hasn’t been that long, I have found it to be remarkably sturdy so far. I currently use both dividers in my kitchen and have now decided to purchase a third one for a larger dresser drawer. The fact that they are expandable is a feature I love, along with the inserts that come with them. While I wish there were more large inserts, this is a minor issue. I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an effective way to organize your drawers and want to assign a specific space for everything. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases, and I’m hopeful that they will hold up well over the long term.

  24. Carol Harty

    Gorgeous bamboo drawer dividers! This product is ideal for organizing coffee pods in a drawer, but its versatility allows it to be used for any purpose. What I particularly adore about this item is its spring-loaded feature, which makes it effortless to install and adjust according to your preferences. The rubber coating on its ends makes it sturdy and resistant to movement, while also safeguarding your drawers from unsightly scratches. Additionally, the package includes an array of dividers in varying sizes, enabling you to create a customized layout that suits your needs. Personally, I opted to utilize only the longer dividers at the back, resulting in two spacious compartments. Overall, an outstanding product!

  25. Denise Temple

    I must say, The ability to personalize the size of each compartment is simply amazing. It has allowed me to fully maximize my drawer space. To demonstrate the difference, I shared a “before” photo of my drawer using a standard plastic utensil organizer, followed by an “after” photo featuring the new bamboo drawer divider. The transformation is truly remarkable! Visitors to my home often admire the setup and inquire about where they too can purchase one. I highly recommend this product.

  26. Darlene Colombo

    I am grateful for the neat and organized state of my kitchen drawers now that I have these helpful bamboo drawer. They stay in place when I open and close the drawers, and the spacers have truly made a significant difference. The only improvement I can think of would be if there were smaller inserts (around 3 inches) for even more precise organization of tiny items in thinner drawers.

  27. George Millington

    I am grateful that my kitchen drawers are no longer messy thanks to these bamboo drawer dividers. They stay in place when opening and closing the drawers, and the spacers make a significant difference. However, these organizers could be improved with smaller inserts, maybe 3 inches, to better organize small items and fit into narrower drawers.

  28. Shawn Dugan

    I employed these bamboo drawers to arrange my sewing essentials as my drawer was wide and shallow, causing my items to slide and making it challenging to locate what I needed. But with these dividers installed, everything now has a designated place, and I can easily find what I’m looking for. This product has been incredibly useful.

  29. Vicky Ellison

    I found a great solution for organizing my cooking and baking tools in a large kitchen drawer. Previously, I tried using a silverware tray and a few full-length dividers, but they didn’t work well for tools of different sizes. These new bamboo drawer dividers initially felt a bit flimsy and tipped easily, but once I installed them and placed all my tools in their designated sections, they held up perfectly. While the dividers do take up some drawer space, they are much nicer to look at than cheaper plastic alternatives. It’s worth noting that if your drawer dimensions aren’t perfect, you might have one section where the dividers can’t be used, but I simply used that space for longer items. Overall, I’m glad I purchased these bamboo drawer dividers because now my different sized tools have their own place and don’t get mixed up!

  30. Sergio Rivera

    Prior to purchasing bamboo drawer organizer, I was unaware of how much I required them. However, now that I have them, my silverware drawer is remarkably more organized – it’s truly amazing. These holders are durable and simple to use, as you can effortlessly adjust the slots to your preference. I’m thoroughly impressed with this excellent product and intend to purchase more!

  31. Shelly Maloney

    Setting up this drawer divider is a breeze! The instructions are almost unnecessary as all you need to do is remove the little hole and the
    bamboo drawer will effortlessly expand. Once it’s expanded, simply place it wherever you desire in the drawer. If only everything were this easy to assemble!

  32. NateJenna Betancourt

    As someone with a penchant for organization, I simply couldn’t bear the state of my kitchen drawer any longer. Upon reading through various reviews, I ultimately opted to give this bamboo drawer dividers a chance. am I thrilled that I did – it’s precisely what my kitchen was lacking! That being said, I do wish there were more insert size options beyond the two that are currently offered. Nonetheless, with a bit of rearranging, everything ended up fitting just right.

  33. Theresa Staley

    The quality of this bamboo drawer is impressive! I particularly appreciated the flexibility it offered in terms of customizing drawer sizes. It’s frustrating when items don’t fit into standard trays, but this product solves that problem by allowing you to create drawers of any size you need. Overall, a great purchase.

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