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We design organizing products to make everything in its place. Organization is about saving time and being efficient. You can be more productive by living in an organized home. 

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Christina Libardos
Verified Purchase

Some people find this unnecessary but I think it's perfect! Keeps it nicely looking and organized. Be sure you measure your drawers before ordering. I also like how you can configure it differently as well (it's not one block together).
Vine Voice From Amazon

Best dividers ever! Everything about them is excellent from packaging to ease of use to quality of materials to staying in place. I have battled my kitchen junk drawer for years, finally decided to look for organizers but not inserts which never seem to accommodate anything but flatware items. These were 110% versatile, you make them suit your needs. I still had one adjustable and four short partitions left after dividing my drawer. A truly great product and the bamboo looks great.
Erica Hopwood
Verified Purchase

This cleared out so much room in my spice cabinet! I keep it on my countertop next to the stovetop and it doesn't take up much space, and saves way more since the spices are stacked vertically. It's also convenient to have nearby when I'm cooking. The rack itself is sturdy and it comes with blank stickers and a chalk pen if you have a spice blend that's not already covered by the many others that are already provided. I've organized mine alphabetically so I can find what I need quickly!
Marako Johsona
I love how it holds and cuts the foil or wrap so nice and smooth. Definite recommendation for this one..!!
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Lian Megan
The wrap organizer is effortless to use and helps keep our drawer neatly arranged. Plus, there’s no need to fret about accidentally injuring yourself with those flimsy cardboard box cutters anymore.
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I successfully optimized space for my two big drawers with this product! The end result exceeded my expectations···
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