SpaceAid® Cabinet Spice Rack Organizer Space Saving Wire Metal Spice Organizer with 28 Jars

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  • Introducing the SpaceAid Cabinet Spice Rack, a complete spice toolset that includes 1 four-tier spice rack, 28 square empty glass spice jars, 386 waterproof spice labels, 1 collapsible silicone funnel, and 1 chalk marker. With its clear-view design, you’ll be able to locate your spices easily and cook more delicious food.
  • The 4-tier cabinet spice rack is made of strong steel metal and powder coatings with electrostatic spray finishing. Its inclined design makes it easy to find and grab what you need, turning any spice mess into an organized masterpiece.
  • The 28 glass spice jars are made of durable, lead-free glass and feature sifts and pour lids for easy measuring with spoons or shaking. Metal airtight caps also keep your spices fresher for longer. The included funnel makes adding spices mess-free.
  • The 386 waterproof spice labels are made of tear-resistant material that can be removed and repositioned. The 340 preprinted spice labels cover common and exotic spices, while the 46 blank labels with 1 chalk marker allow you to write your labels that can be wiped and rewritten. If you cannot find the labels you want, the numbered catalog will help you.
  • This spice tool set is ideally sized, measuring 13.4″W × 10.8″H × 4.4″D, in wire design, making it suitable for the countertop, cabinet, pantry, cupboard, or any other kitchen area. Get the SpaceAid Cabinet Spice Rack and transform your kitchen into an organized and efficient cooking space.

Alloy Steel




4.33"D x 13.33"W x 10.5"H

77 reviews for SpaceAid® Cabinet Spice Rack Organizer Space Saving Wire Metal Spice Organizer with 28 Jars

  1. Dea Evans

    I love this spice rack! it fits perfectly in my cupboard it’s really easy to fill the spices in the jars because it comes with a collapsible funnel to fill the jars it also comes with labels with every kind of spice and also blank ones to fill-in the labels look really nice and are also easy to apply to the lids of the spice jars.

  2. Karina

    I was absolutely thrilled to finally get my spice collection organized for easy access, and I wasted no time assembling this set! In the past, I used to find myself rummaging through baskets of spices or pulling everything out of the cupboard just to locate the one I needed, which led to some comical “hide-and-seek” moments. 😄 I was so impressed with this product that I purchased two sets (each with 28 jars) to accommodate my extensive collection of global spices, and I’m already contemplating getting one more!

    The inclusion of both preprinted and blank labels, along with a white pen, makes it incredibly versatile for labeling any spice. Following the advice of fellow reviewers, I added the labels after securing the lids to ensure they aligned perfectly. These jars are impressively sturdy and offer the flexibility to either sit on the counter or be easily mounted to the wall or cabinet.

    What’s more, the glass jars are excellent for preserving spices compared to plastic, as they protect against the harmful effects of light, which can diminish the potency of spices over time. To maintain their flavor, it’s important to store these jars away from direct sunlight or any other strong light source. Personally, I’m absolutely enamored with these spice jars! I can’t contain my excitement about putting them to use. Now, even my kids can effortlessly find the ingredients they need for cooking and baking. I took the extra step of rinsing and drying the funnel between spices to prevent any flavor contamination since some spices tend to stick to the rubber.

  3. Brian Foote

    I used to constantly purchase additional spices because I often overlooked the ones hiding at the back of my pantry. However, this product has truly transformed my kitchen experience! I’m thrilled that I can now easily view all my spices at a glance, making it a breeze to maintain a tidy and clutter-free pantry.

  4. Mary Oliver

    The jars are great quality, I did not secure to the wall as I am renting but it is very sturdy and does not move, there are a ton of labels… every spice you’d ever need to label

  5. Eric Bergland

    Last week, we settled into our new camper, and given the limited space, I’ve had to employ some ingenuity. A solution I found was placing this rack on our kitchen countertop, effectively organizing all of my spices. By alphabetizing them, I can effortlessly grab the one I need at any moment.

  6. Jean

    The only labels not premade were local specialties or homemade mixes. There were blank labels and a chalk pen to make your own labels! VERY easy to read labels and everything is matchy-matchy in my kitchen. Each jar had a plastic top to scoop or sprinkle from. Top screws on tightly to keep everything fresh.

  7. VB

    I’m fond of the included labels and the straightforward installation process. The slim profile seamlessly complements my kitchen’s design. I did need to remove the labels, taking care to do so gently using a blade, and paying close attention to their proper placement.

  8. queenbee shopper

    I aimed to achieve convenient access to my seasonings, eliminating the need to clear out the cupboard each time I sought a specific spice. I intentionally keep the area in front of these spice racks clear, and I’ve arranged my spices in alphabetical order. This system helps me easily locate and return each spice to its designated spot.

  9. Candace Richmond

    I’m absolutely delighted with both the jars and the rack. They fit perfectly in my space, although I could have benefitted from an additional 1 or 2 rows at the top, while maintaining the same width. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with my purchase.

  10. Spence

    There’s a small gap in between where I position some taller containers. My intention was to ensure easy access to my seasonings without having to empty the entire cupboard to locate the specific one I required.

  11. horses1016

    An excellent solution for spice organization. This product is truly impressive, especially considering its cost. Although a couple of the inner lids arrived broken, the process of exchanging for a replacement was straightforward. I’m delighted with my purchase and its positive impact on my organization!

  12. Paula Wills

    I made this purchase because my new residence lacks cabinet space. The product includes a variety of stickers tailored to different spices, and it even provides blank ones along with a pen, allowing you to create custom labels. I had labels for each of my spices. The only mistake I made was not opting for a version with more spice jars, although I was uncertain about my initial preference. Nevertheless, I am thoroughly pleased with it. I arranged my spices in alphabetical order, making it incredibly simple to locate any spice I require.

  13. Sara Wilkson

    By being wall-mounted, it has effectively generated extra space for me. Placing it above my stove grants convenient access to spices for swift use. The pre-printed labels with names are a thoughtful addition, enhancing the overall experience.

  14. Spence0212

    I’m truly impressed by how great this is, especially considering the price. While a couple of the inner lids arrived broken, the process of getting a replacement was straightforward. I’m delighted with my decision to purchase this!

  15. Kathy B

    The labels on the bottle are positioned to face you, featuring excellent lettering.

  16. Patti

    The only problem I encountered was that I absentmindedly applied the label onto the glass jar without considering its square shape. As a result, when I placed the jars on the rack, the labels appeared misaligned. I had to delicately remove the labels using a blade and ensure precise placement.

  17. aabarbara

    I’m quite fond of these minimalistic and sleek racks. Given the compact nature of my kitchen cabinets, I opted for two racks that seamlessly align on the bottom shelf of my cooking cupboard. There’s a slight gap between them, allowing me to position taller containers. My objective was to effortlessly reach my assortment of seasonings, eliminating the need to rummage through the cupboard each time. These spice racks remain unobstructed, and I’ve organized my spices alphabetically for quick retrieval and easy repositioning.

  18. Tim D

    We’re absolutely thrilled with this spice rack! The variety of labels is truly impressive, introducing us to numerous options we never even realized existed. Our only minor concern is that we acquired the rack primarily to conserve space, yet we find ourselves with an abundance of extra labels and not enough designated storage. Nevertheless, this is a delightful predicament, as it highlights the thoughtfulness of the seller in providing such an extensive array of labels. While I’d unquestionably make this purchase again, I’d recommend opting for a larger size than initially anticipated. This proactive choice not only accommodates your present needs but also allows for future expansion. Like myself, many may underestimate their available space, making a larger option truly beneficial.

  19. Brenda E.

    I absolutely adore this spice rack – it’s not just one “love,” but three! Its charm, quality craftsmanship, and appealing presence in the kitchen have won me over, not to mention the fantastic organization it provides for all my spices. I must admit, I’m genuinely regretting not opting for the larger version. Without a doubt, this purchase has proven to be a fantastic decision.

  20. Kali Brooke

    Given the considerable height and depth of my spice cabinet, I opted for this solution, which has effectively addressed the issue and proven to be flawless. It astonishes me that the package includes not only the glass jars but also labels and the rack, all for such an affordable price.

  21. Susan B

    The packaging is outstanding. The labels have a premium appearance, and there’s a wide range of options available.

  22. KTchida

    It was straightforward to set up, and I’m delighted that our spices are now properly organized.

  23. Lisaa

    An excellent spice rack for saving space! I’m a big fan of this item, and my cupboard now looks significantly more organized. The quality is top-notch. You won’t be let down!

  24. Bee

    These containers are robust and easy to maintain. The funnel is quite useful. They also provide blank labels and a white pen for custom labeling in case a spice is missing a label. Overall, very impressive! I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase these again.

  25. anabanana

    I’m really pleased with the spice rack. While I encountered a minor problem with the item, I reached out to the seller. Their response was swift, and they resolved the matter within a few days. I would certainly consider purchasing from them again.

  26. HP

    These are truly wonderful. The only challenge is ensuring the stickers are applied perfectly straight. Also, it’s important not to overtighten the lid, as it might cause it to spin. Just tighten until snug. Hopefully, you don’t have shaky hands! I actually purchased a larger set for myself. The one I’m discussing was for my college-bound son who wanted a kitchen setup similar to mine.

  27. Peter

    An excellent unit that suits us perfectly with our 28 spices. Ideal for our caravan as it travels well and keeps everything secure. Highly recommended.

  28. Milky

    A comprehensive solution for organizing spices. A brilliant concept that I highly recommend; definitely worth the investment. It’s well-constructed, user-friendly, and has everything you need.

  29. Vee

    I adore this space-efficient spice rack. It not only has a stylish design but also makes finding the right spice much simpler. The included labels are fantastic, offering a wide variety of spice options.

  30. Bevan Wenborn

    Fits seamlessly within the pantry shelves.

  31. Richard DeVries

    Our cabinet was a mess with too many spices, making it look untidy. I decided to purchase this product, and it completely cleared away the clutter. I chose not to mount it, even though it comes with mounting hardware, as I didn’t want to damage my walls. Instead, I placed it on a shelf. It’s worth mentioning that there are plenty of pre-made labels included, as well as a silicone funnel for convenient filling. The jars are designed to fit the smaller bottles like McCormick’s. The label set covered all the spices we have, and they even provided chalk for custom labeling. Just a tip: seal the top before adding the label to ensure proper alignment and a neat appearance.

  32. Jan B

    I prefer cooking with spices and herbs, and before getting this spice rack, my kitchen was messy with jars all over. It took time to gather and transfer them, and I labeled everything in a day. The bottles that came with the rack are great, with extra labels for various spices, including some I didn’t know. I also got blank labels and a pen to create my own. I liked that the bottles matched some organic spices I buy, giving me extras for mixing. However, the collapsible funnel provided didn’t work well – it was too small and clogged easily. I ended up using a paper funnel. I should have bought two racks instead of one.

  33. Bailey Jensen

    The organizer itself possesses an impressive level of durability, exuding a noticeable weight that ensures stability without any hint of wobbliness. What truly stands out is the remarkable compilation of premade spice labels that accompanies it, comprising a generous collection of 10 pages. Furthermore, they have thoughtfully included additional blank labels and a white pen, allowing for personalized customization to cover any spices not initially provided. The combination of reasonable pricing and exceptional quality renders me genuinely content with my purchase this spice racks countertop

  34. Debbie Sechrist

    I absolutely adore the level of organization and tidiness showcased by my spice collection within the confines of my cabinet. It has remarkably freed up a substantial amount of shelf space, enabling me to optimize my kitchen storage. As a matter of fact, this is the second time I have procured such a pull out spice rack cabinet

  35. Anna W.

    I am thrilled with this incredible purchase! It adds a wonderful aesthetic to my counter. Previously, I stored all my spices in a cabinet, but this spice cabinet organizer has significantly enhanced my experience by making it effortless to see and retrieve everything I need.

  36. Tom Dunn

    Organizing my cabinets has become incredibly effortless! I wholeheartedly recommend this spice cabinet organizer. Setting up the rack required minimal effort, and the jars are of standard size.

  37. Kim Anderson

    The inclusion of labels and bottles is a fantastic addition! Although I haven’t utilized the cabinet spice rack just yet, the store-bought seem to fit nicely.

  38. joan danielle sack

    The spice rack fits flawlessly inside my cabinet. Transferring the spices into the jars was a breeze, thanks to the convenient small collapsible funnel that was included. I particularly appreciate the complementary labels that came with it. The spice cabinet organizer beautifully match the spice rack and there’s a label available for every spice you might possess.

  39. Sherry Hunt

    I absolutely adore this spice cabinet organizer! The jars are just the right size, and the labels are effortlessly legible. There’s an abundance of labels, including some spices I’ve never come across before. It adds a wonderful touch to the pantry’s appearance.

  40. McKayla

    This purchase is fantastic! I’m extremely pleased with how well it works. I believe it will greatly assist me in becoming more organized. I’m even considering buying another cabinet spice rack!

  41. GettaJobmann

    The spice cabinet organizer adds a nice touch to the countertop, and I’m optimistic that it will help me become more organized. It makes me feel like a responsible adult at last!

    As an extra step, we simply used a black pen to write the expiration dates on the inside of the lids, making sure to keep the writing small. This way, we can easily cross them out and rewrite them whenever we refill the spices with new ones.

  42. Sarah Trask Rodriguez

    Setting this up was enjoyable and incredibly useful while cooking. The cabinet spice rack is quite practical. If your spice bottle is full, you may have some spices left over.

  43. Louns

    I can’t believe I waited so long to organize my spices, but the spice cabinet organizer has been a game-changer. Cooking has become so much easier now. These racks are well-crafted and even come with labels for almost every spice. I used two racks and completely transformed my cabinet.

  44. Old guy.

    This spice racks countertop is an absolute marvel for the space available. It has completely revolutionized the way I handle my spices. Gone are the days of having random bags and bottles scattered and cluttering up my pantry. Now, thanks to this organizer, everything is meticulously arranged and stored, bringing me immense satisfaction. I simply adore it!

  45. grandmabrian

    I’m completely enamored with this spice racks countertop! It’s incredible how I can effortlessly survey my entire spice collection with just a quick glance. The rack itself is impressively robust and fits perfectly on my countertop, although it can also be conveniently hung if desired. Its appearance is remarkably pleasing, and the quality is outstanding given its price. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

  46. Paula F

    I must say, this is incredibly satisfying. I couldn’t resist buying not just one, but two of these. Considering my extensive spice collection, it’s a breeze to transfer the spices into these jars. Simply fill them up first, place them onto the rack, and then affix the labels, ensuring they are perfectly aligned. The result is an aesthetically pleasing, orderly display that I absolutely adore. I should note, though, that this spice cabinet organizer is quite heavy, emphasizing its sturdy construction.

  47. Alyssa Danielle

    I’m often frustrated by my tendency to forget which spices I already have and end up purchasing duplicates. Additionally, I struggle with keeping my spice collection organized due to the various bottles I’ve accumulated from different stores. That’s why I absolutely adore having a pull-out spice rack cabinet.

  48. Tracy

    I was frustrated with the disarray in my spice cupboard until I discovered a solution: utilizing vertical space. It was a game-changer as I could now make the most of the available room. Organizing became a breeze with the help of pre-made labels that perfectly fit the containers. The spice cabinet organizer was spacious enough to accommodate my spices, and the sturdy stand provided stability. The best part? My spices are now neatly alphabetized, bringing order and joy to my culinary adventures.

  49. Kellie L. Rappuhn

    Cooking a lot more now and organization is key. Found this spice cabinet organizer!! The spice rack came with screws that allow you to mount it to a wall

  50. Amit Verma

    Product came quick and was packaged well. Love the cabinet spice rack. This fit the bill. LOVE it!

  51. Blueberry

    Love this spice cabinet organizer!!!! I love all of the premade stickers that came with it

  52. Rhiannon

    This was perfect in every way except for the fact that I had way more than 28 spices… so I had to buy this spice cabinet organizer. Not having room in my cabinets meant looking for something that would look nice and neat on the counter-top and this totally delivered!

  53. Sharee

    I really enjoy the spice racks countertop. It cleared out so much space in my cabinet. I love all of the premade stickers that came with it and you get an extra sheet of blanks so that you can label them yourself

  54. BrainiacHS

    best thing I have bought yet the sturdiness of the glass is amazing so easy to set up and use and it even came with a Funnel to fill them! Love all the flavor sticker options!
    One person found this spice racks countertop helpful

  55. anthony dallas

    My wife has arranged our spices in clear view of anyone cooking. These are amazing as we have lots of spices in our cabinet spice rack

  56. Becky Martin

    Totally worth it!That way it aligns perfectly when it sits in the spice cabinet organizer.

  57. Holly A.

    I have so little kitchen space, it’s laughable. This is a really nice way to keep all my spices in one place and make them uniform. The containers are actually really nice, and I have several that are empty because there are so many! I’m very pleased with this spice cabinet organizer

  58. Catherine

    Great, sturdy cabinet spice rack. I learned the hard way to fill the jars, put the lids on and then put the label on the lid. That way it aligns perfectly when it sits in the spice rack.

  59. Gee Gee

    Overall I’m pleased with the pull out spice rack cabinet. The bottles and lids are nice quality

  60. D.J.

    The spice rack, jars and labels were exceptional!
    It is rare that a product exceeds expectations, this cabinet spice rack did!

  61. petee

    Took me only 1 afternoon to transfer my favorite spices into the nice sized jars and put the available labels on. I threw out so many spice containers. Now everything is all in this spice cabinet organizer.

  62. T-Henne

    This spice cabinet organizer fits perfectly in cabinet.
    I liked the huge variety of lables. The jars are good size. I’m very pleased with my purchase!

  63. C Stewart

    I ended up buying the spice cabinet organizer rack and love that now everything is so easy to find.

  64. Rashanda Gibson

    I love the fact I don’t have to search through my cabinet to see what I have. I also know when I run out before hand. I fits perfectly under my pull out spice rack cabinet. I will be getting another one because I have more seasons to organize.

  65. Joyen

    Easy to set up but you gotta make sure you cabinet is measured! The cabinet spice rack is sturdy and bottles come with almost every spice label you can think of.

  66. Donna M Fortune

    The spice cabinet organizer is sturdy, the labels make the work easy. Great, sturdy spice rack.

  67. RAK

    Bought two pull out spice rack cabinets. Compact, sturdy, and organized my dreaded spice cabinet. No more moving jars around and searching.

  68. Destiny Wright

    I loved everything about this the spice cabinet organizer and couldn’t wait to put it to use

  69. Derrick

    I am thoroughly impressed with this spice racks countertop. It boasts exceptional craftsmanship and effectively creates additional space in my overcrowded spice cabinet. I highly recommend it!

  70. JunieB

    i wish i would have purchased these pull out spice rack cabinets a long time ago

  71. Megan Francis

    In my opinion, this cabinet spice rack offers a reliable and eco-friendly method to preserve the spices and herbs I buy in large quantities. Additionally, I appreciate the extensive range of pre-printed tags available, catering to various cooking styles.

  72. Dachshund Mom

    The spice cabinet organizer works well. Sturdy. I enjoy organizing and this provided a fun afternoon.

  73. John Ervin

    It was fun to get my spices jars in cabinet spice rack. Wish I had gotten a bigger set.

  74. Ralph Aspenwall

    The rack was fine .Nice little rack. Bought as a gift and she loved it

  75. edwin

    Loveeeee this cabinet spice rack !! 100% recommend this product. Great heavy steel. So happy with it.

  76. semi

    I’m very happy with this spice racks countertop. Quality is great. It came with everything I needed, including wall anchors and screws, which I didn’t need. Lots of labels!

  77. Curious Reader

    This set comes with a gazillion of black spice label stickers with spice names legibly printed in white (some with spice names I never used before – like Biryani seasoning, which now I will have to try!). This spice racks countertop also comes with a generous amount of blank black stickers and a white marker, so you can have labels for spices that there aren’t pre-printed names for.

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