SpaceAid® Quick-Dry Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Caddy Organizer, the Soap and Sponge Holder

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  • Keep Your Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Neat and Tidy: SpaceAid Sink Caddy is designed to organize your kitchen and bathroom sink, keeping soap and sponge within easy reach and helping to keep the countertop neat and tidy.
  • Fast-Drying Design: The sink caddy is made with a fast-drying diatomaceous mudthat soaks up splashes instantly, and dries in just minutes, helping to keep your sink and countertop clean and dry.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Made of solid bamboo, SpaceAid Sink Caddy is sturdy enough to hold different kitchen and bathroom accessories, including toothbrushes, cups, and hand soap.
  • Elegant and Modern: SpaceAid Sink Caddy has a beautiful and simple design that matches any home decor and helps to keep your sink looking neat and organized.
  • Easy to Assemble: The sink caddy is easy to put together and can be set up in just one minute, making it a convenient and practical solution for organizing your sink.

23 reviews for SpaceAid® Quick-Dry Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Caddy Organizer, the Soap and Sponge Holder

  1. Poliana Ramalho

    Functions effectively, rapidly dries wet items and water droplets vanish quickly in real-time. Although not precisely machined with perfect fit and finish, it assembles easily with stick-on feet and provides good value for drying items around the sink. However, it may be too small for drying more than two mugs or glasses. The durability of the self-stick legs is uncertain, but they have remained in place thus far.

  2. Bob Fuller

    I am delighted with the fast-drying stone and caddy set. During my remodeling project, my narrow bathroom presented limited options for sink selection. Ultimately, I opted for an Ikea rectangular and shallow sink. The sink features two “troughs” on either side of the faucet, providing ample space for hand soap and other items.

  3. Riley Wonder

    The sink organizer’s clean and modern design has left me extremely satisfied. It’s quick-drying feature ensures that it dries within a minute, even if it gets wet. Its versatility in terms of style makes it an effortless fit for my home decor. I strongly recommend this organizer.

  4. Barbara Jean

    I am using this instant dry sink organizer to hold my face wash and lotion. You can also use it for the bathroom or kitchen. Keeps my kitchen sink organized with my hand soap and my dish soap dispenser and brush set.The top of instant dry sink organizer bathroom is fast drying and the bamboo rack is sturdy and pretty! It can be styled to look aesthetically pleasing too!

  5. lorelei

    I am fond of the kitchen sink organizer due to its fast drying feature and perfect fit in my sink. Additionally, the clean and modern design of this instant dry sink organizer pleases me greatly. It takes merely a minute to dry if it gets wet. Notably, this organizer is effortless to style and blends seamlessly with my home decor. I strongly suggest it.

  6. rose

    If you’re looking for a space-saving solution to organize your soaps, lotions, and other similar items in your kitchen or bathroom, look no further than this sink tray. It boasts a bamboo bottom and a top that immediately absorbs splashes, making it both functional and stylish. With its sleek design and sturdy construction, this instant dry sink organizer comes highly recommended.

  7. Adam Cipolla

    I have plenty of space to store both a lotion bottle and a wide soap dispenser on the sink caddy. Despite a slight overhang, the caddy fits perfectly in my designated area.

    If you don’t have a need for a sink caddy in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, then you may find the price to be a bit steep for what it is. However, if you have a specific problem that the caddy solves, then the price is reasonable, albeit a bit high. Personally, I find the instant dry sink organizer to be worth the price since it effectively solves a problem I previously believed to be unsolvable.

  8. Tina MERROW

    When I first saw this shelf, I knew I wanted it, but I couldn’t help wondering if it would actually be useful. I often get frustrated with my husband leaving his wet razor on the sink, which causes water to pool on the counter and requires constant wiping. However, this instant dry sink organizer bathroom not only looks great, but it also dries in seconds! I took pictures just seconds apart to demonstrate this, although the razor may still appear wet until it dries. As soon as I received it, I put the little legs on and tested it out with a wet sponge, which dried before my eyes. This cute little bathroom sink caddy is perfect for any bathroom or kitchen and measures 10×4 inches with a height of about an inch.

  9. maybelle6113

    I purchased this kitchen sink organizer for my kitchen sink as I always had trouble with water accumulating under the dish soap, hand soap, and sponge. Despite wiping it dry multiple times, the problem persisted. However, this product proved to be a solution to my problem as it absorbs water efficiently and dries quickly. While I did not time how quickly it dries, I found it to be useful in keeping my sink organized and tidy. The design of the shell provides a convenient shelf for washcloths and sponges, preventing them from sitting in the sink. Additionally, the shell provides a designated spot for bottles of dish detergent, freeing up space under the sink. Overall, I am pleased with this sink tray product’s ability to keep my sink area clean and organized.

  10. Rebecca G. Woody

    I have experienced no problems with water seeping down to the bottom of the trough since switching to this stone from paper towels. Its appearance is a vast improvement as well. The stone dish drying mat are both aesthetically pleasing and come in attractive colors that can complement a wide range of decor styles.

    What’s particularly remarkable about the sponge rack is how efficiently it begins to absorb and dry up water, While I believe that the stone could be used on its own without the wooden tray, utilizing both together enhances its overall functionality.

  11. B Rex

    I am delighted with this sink tray for soap bottles that dries rapidly. During my bathroom remodeling project, I encountered constraints due to the limited space, but this product proved to be an excellent solution.

    I’m impressed that it lives up to its claims and dries quickly. I keep it next to my kitchen sink and after using a sponge to clean the sink, I simply wring it out and place it on the stone, which dries it in no time.

    This instant dry sink organizer has proven to be quite useful because I no longer need to leave hand and dish soaps or the drain plug on the counter, preventing puddles from forming on the side of my sink.

  12. Emily Tade

    The product performs precisely as advertised, and I’m extremely satisfied with it. Initially, I was skeptical about its quick-drying capabilities, but it surpassed my expectations. I keep it next to my kitchen sink and use it to dry my sponge after cleaning the sink, and it dries rapidly. This has been beneficial since I no longer have to leave the hand and dish soaps or drain plug on the counter. Furthermore, the soap bottle sink tray prevents puddles from forming on the sink’s sides. Overall, I’m thrilled with this purchase.

  13. Clark

    I have received numerous compliments on the exquisite appearance of this stand. However, what many people are unaware of is its functional purpose – collecting water drips when wet hands reach for soap. This feature saves me a lot of time since I don’t have to wipe up water drips after every hand wash by myself or guests. The stone material effectively catches and evaporates the drops. Although it cannot evaporate soap drips, a quick rinse every week restores it to its original condition. The instant dry sink organizer bathroom is an innovative product that has modernized my bathroom without requiring a remodel. I highly recommend it to those who are tired of constantly wiping water droplets after every bathroom use. The bathroom sink caddies have put an end to my never-ending chore of wiping the counter after every hand wash. I absolutely adore how stunning it looks on the counter!

  14. fuguzn

    This sponge rack is the perfect size for my kitchen sink and that’s where it currently resides. The craftsmanship is impressive, and it has a sleek appearance. The bamboo rack, which has four elevated feet, is an added bonus. It keeps the drying stone off the counter, preventing it from getting wet and making it simpler to move all three bottles together when cleaning the counter.

  15. Snowbunny

    There isn’t much I can add to describing this caddy. The instant dry sink organizer does absorb water drippings instantaneously so your sink area is kept clean, just like the product description claims. It is quite minimalistic and natural looking, so the design concept may be highly agreeable to many people. I placed mine in the kitchen to house my pump soap dispenser, a dish soap bottle and a veggie scrubbing brush.

  16. Jennifer K.

    The performance of this stone dish drying mat is precisely as advertised. Its gray insert is highly absorbent and dries out rapidly, effectively maintaining a clean counter and preventing the soap dispenser’s bottom from becoming slimy and unappealing. The wooden portion of the caddy is also enduring constant water splashes without any signs of wear and tear. Moreover, the caddy’s appearance is flawless, as it adds aesthetic value to the room without creating unnecessary clutter.

  17. Gailajo

    Upon first glance, I found this product to be quite adorable and a perfect fit for the specific location where I intended to use it. As someone who dislikes water collecting on my counters, I decided to give it a try and was overjoyed with the outcome.

    Not only does it dry rapidly, but it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of my bathroom while effectively preventing water puddles from forming on the counter.

    Initially uncertain if I required this bathroom sink caddy, I am now immensely satisfied with my decision to purchase it.

  18. Deb

    The item in question is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, with a well-made brush and useful organizational capabilities. Despite its affordability, it is of high quality and would make a great addition to any sink. I highly recommend this sponge rack.

  19. Tranquility Mader

    I recently added the stone dish drying mat to my sink area and I must say, it’s truly amazing. The gray stone in the caddy works like magic by instantly absorbing any water that comes into contact with it, keeping everything dry and clean. I am really impressed by its simplicity and effectiveness and I gave it a 5-star rating. The caddy comes at an affordable price and its minimalistic design fits well with most decors. The brand is SpaceAid, but I would say it’s space-age technology because it works like magic! Overall, I have no complaints about this product and highly recommend it.

  20. melmarie

    I am really impressed with this instant dry sink organizer! I placed it underneath the soap dispenser at my kitchen sink and noticed that when it gets wet, the water visibly dries up. It’s truly fascinating! While I do wish that the product had a more creative design on the top surface, as opposed to just their logo, it’s not a major issue since most of it gets covered by other items.

  21. Eugene K.

    The sponge holder is a perfect fit for a sponge and two soap dispensers, and it lives up to its promise of drying quickly. In fact, the attached photos were taken just one minute apart, demonstrating that there’s no need to wipe down the area after use.

  22. Steven

    Nice little holder to hold my sponge. has space for two, I would recommend, looks good and works great. I would buy this soap and sponge holder again.

  23. S. Peterson

    I like the idea of keeping my sponges as dry as I possibly can when I’m not using them, to extend their life. The instant dry sink organizer bathroom does a really great job at helping you do that. I personally wish it was a little smaller, but that’s my preference.

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