SpaceAid® WrapNeat Organizer Plastic Wrap Dispensers with Cutter For Kitchen 2-Slot

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  • KITCHEN STORAGE HACK: The foil and plastic wrap dispenser is becoming a must-have in the kitchen right now. Comes with 21 labels for every type of wrap, which helps you easily categorize and organize your kitchen drawer.
  • SLEEK AND THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The Built-in Slider Cutter design is a hidden gem! It promises a clean cut every single time, and keeping you away from hurting yourself, makes it the best plastic wrap dispenser with a cutter.
  • COMPATIBLE TO YOUR NEED: After thorough research and tests, our plastic wrap dispenser is compatible with the majority of kitchen foils & wrap brands in the market. You don’t have to worry about the size issue when you make the purchase.
  • AESTHETIC WAY OF ORGANIZATION: Still annoyed about the messy kitchen drawer full of foils & wraps with card boxes? Here comes the solution. The SpaceAid plastic wrap dispenser provides an aesthetic way to organize your kitchen drawer.
Additional Information

Product Dimensions 8 x 4 x 0.01 inches
Item Weight 2.51 pounds
Manufacturer SpaceAid
Country of Origin China
Item model number JTZH-1BOX-3

25 reviews for SpaceAid® WrapNeat Organizer Plastic Wrap Dispensers with Cutter For Kitchen 2-Slot

  1. Katie Meyers

    Extremely Secured Packaging! Nice product and comes with detailed labels like Foils, Wax and Plastic, it allows you to customize the slots! It’s the best plastic wrap dispenser with cutter that you can find in the market. I didn’t know I could hang it as well, so that’s a bonus!

    dispenser wrap
  2. Wendy Morales

    This is an aesthetic and well-designed piece of organizer! I absolutely adore this piece, and it felt so liberating to throw away the card boxes of foil and plastic wrap, instead of having everything together in one attractive, practical place. The wrap dispenser is strong and nicely crafted and It has three holes on the back so you can attach it to the wall. This is a very good gift for yourself or for people who enjoy baking or being organized, especially if your kitchen is messy or you bake frequently like I do. No more hassles with unpacking every box or cutting foil or wax sheets into uneven pieces. Honestly loooove this product, it is a hit with me!!! Highly recommended!

  3. Brianna Rozman

    Fits my rolls perfectly, and it cuts the plastic wrap like a breeze! Although cutting aluminum foil is a little more difficult, it still does the job. If you want a stylish solution to keep kitchen wraps together, this is a wonderful idea to try out!

  4. Sunshine Mel

    This kitchen wrap organizer, which is constructed of solid but lightweight bamboo. There are labels available for f oil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper.  It is now quite simple to restock the rolls, and then cut it with the cutter. Three cutting blades are included and can be inserted into the groove. I can even keep it on the counter because it has a beautiful appearance and fits well to my kitchen decor.

  5. Jayme Hargett

    Although this Wrap Dispenser is a great concept, the size could pose a problem. Perhaps, if a standard size for the foils was made available, it would be beneficial. In my experience, the foil rolls were too big to fit, so I suggest an improvement in the product’s size.

  6. Cav Trooper 19D

    It’s really nice having all 2 of our wrappings in one place. There’s still room in our drawer with this in it too. I love being able to cleanly cut plastic wrap. Sometimes I do have to press the wrap down further into the plastic grooves to cut it properly however that is a very minor issue. No longer will I waste plastic wrap or get it stuck to where is pulls off in pieces. This is also a great time saver. It’s very easy to clean also. I highly recommend this particular unit. I like that it came with stickers too, that say “Plastic”, “Aluminum” & “Wax”. I was delighted at the price as well.

  7. Kindle Customer

    I am absolutely smitten with this product! It has completely transformed my plastic wrap experience – I no longer have to struggle with the irritating serrated piece on the box. This item has exceeded my expectations and I would definitely repurchase it.

  8. Ashraf Zaman

    This is an excellent purchase! The item is reasonably priced and functions perfectly. My mother is thoroughly enjoying using it as it has a cutter attached, making it significantly easier for her to cut foil compared to using the traditional aluminum foil box, especially since she has carpal tunnel in her wrists.

  9. Laura Yo

    Wonderful plastic wrap dispenser! The design is visually pleasing and the size is perfect for fitting into a drawer. The bamboo material is sturdy, and the cutter functions smoothly. The magnetic closure on the side prevents wrap rolls from falling out, and the added bonus of stickers is a nice touch.

  10. LV Mom

    This wrap organizer has solved two problems for me: my love for organization and my frustration with difficult-to-tear wrap.

  11. Happy Momma

    I found the large boxes in my kitchen drawer that held my plastic wrap and tin foil to be cumbersome and unattractive as they became worn out over time. However, my kitchen drawer is now a joy to behold thanks to the slim and chic bamboo organizer that I use instead. As someone who loves to keep things organized, this plastic wrap and tin foil organizer is a source of delight for me. The slide mechanism that dispenses the wrap and foil is always smooth and efficient, and the magnetic ends make loading the products a breeze. This organizer is perfect for those who appreciate both form and function and it even comes with a sheet of labels that can be customized to suit your needs. If you value an organized and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, this is the product for you – and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

  12. Princess andThe Pea

    Gone are the days of stuffing your foil, cream wrap, or wax paper boxes into a drawer. This foil and plastic wrap dispenser makes organizing a breeze! The loading process is simple and the instructions are easy to follow. Three small magnets on the wood unit allow for effortless removal and insertion of your foil or plastic wrap. This organizer is simply amazing! No more crunched boxes or accidental cuts from the ribbed edging of the boxes. The 2-in-1 feature allows for easy slicing of the foil or plastic wrap, eliminating the annoyance of it sticking together. I highly recommend this product!

  13. ColoradoGirl

    I have developed a deep affection for this product. Previously, I despised plastic wrap due to my inability to tear it properly. However, with this product, the tearing process is smooth and hassle-free. The same applies to foil, which used to be a source of frustration for me. This product has made my life much simpler and more manageable. Additionally, I appreciate the convenience of not having to deal with flimsy cardboard boxes that disintegrate with constant handling.

  14. Summer Wise

    This product is both adorable and practical, making it a double win! Additionally, I have not encountered any problems with it when using it to cut foil or cling wrap.

  15. Eshanta Chance

    This product is excellent for keeping your Reynolds wrap and plastic wrap neatly organized, preventing it from getting tangled or disorganized. It is particularly helpful for keeping track of where you left off, and features easy-to-use cutting mechanisms that allow you to quickly and efficiently cut off the portion of the product you need. Additionally, it makes it easy to pick up where you left off, without any hassle. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

  16. Nakul aurora

    After contemplating for a while, I finally made the decision to purchase this item and I’m extremely pleased that I did. I’m even considering getting another one specifically for parchment paper. The quality is outstanding and it even includes labels for organization.

  17. Wayne H.

    This compact organizer is a fantastic addition to any kitchen! Its aesthetic appeal is truly remarkable, boasting a beautiful design. The bamboo construction is sturdy and reliable, with a dependable cutter that works like a charm. Its magnetic side closure ensures that your rolls of wrap remain securely in place. Additionally, the product comes with stickers for added convenience. Overall, this organizer is a must-have for anyone seeking to streamline their kitchen storage.

  18. kristina

    I grew weary of struggling to open my drawer and the top of my foil box, as well as experiencing issues with my zip-loc bags. However, this product was definitely worth the cost as it cuts just as it was advertised to do. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with my purchase!

  19. Gief

    My spouse affixed it to the cabinet door, and it functions admirably with diverse paper types, each with its own cutter. The removable sides enable effortless replacement of fresh rolls. Overall, it was a fantastic acquisition.

  20. Rita

    I really enjoyed the convenience of this item and it functions very well. However, I underestimated its size and it takes up more space in my drawer than I anticipated. I recommend measuring the space where you plan to use it beforehand. Additionally, I purchased another one for my baggies but they didn’t fit together. Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile purchase and I currently stack this one on top of the larger one.

  21. Corinne Carlman

    The wooden container is extremely durable and well-crafted. It eliminates the need for struggling with plastic wrap, as it cuts easily and evenly without any hassle. Moreover, it conveniently keeps foil and clear wrap together, providing a tidy and organized solution.

  22. Ebbaliciousz

    Discover the essential item you never knew you needed! After struggling for too long with unruly plastic wrap and ripped foil, I found the perfect solution. This amazing product works wonders and far surpasses the unsightly containers that typically hold plastic wrap and foil.

  23. James Stadtler

    After using this product for several months, I can confidently say that it performs its intended function perfectly. With its help, my drawer is now clean and organized, and I no longer have to fuss with pulling out plastic or foil since everything is conveniently stored within the drawer. Simply open the drawer, take what you need, cut, and you’re done. I’m not the only one who benefits from this system, as my friends have also adopted it for their own drawers. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with this product and highly recommend it. Cheers!

  24. Dariene galt

    I received this product as a gift for my mom, and she reports that it works exceptionally well. However, there is one issue – the roll is too large to fit into the box if she uses Costco-sized saran wrap. Nevertheless, regular-sized rolls fit perfectly fine.

  25. adriana

    I love it easy to use and keeps things organized

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