SpaceAid® Storage Bag Organizers Food Baggies Storage Solution for Kitchen 4 Boxes Set

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  • FOOD STORAGE BAG HOLDER: Make your drawer neat and organized with this bamboo box; The bag organizer is designed specifically for your food storage bags organization.
  • LESS CUTTER, MORE SPACE: The unique 4-in-1 design of our storage bag organizer, which maximizes the space of your kitchen drawer! There is no more ziploc storage bags cluttering around your kitchen and makes everything messy, and you can get rid of those annoying card boxes.
  • PURCHASE WITHOUT STRUGGLE: Our storage bag organizer comes with 4 different sizes slots, and they are designed to holds different size of storage bags include Gallon, Quart, Sandwich and Snack sizes bags. You can also fit it with other reusable storage bags or freezer bags too!
  • NO ASSEMBLE NEEDED: This baggie organizer comes in one piece and there is no assembling required. It’s so easy to use and all you need to do is labeling each slot and fill them with storage baggies.

28 reviews for SpaceAid® Storage Bag Organizers Food Baggies Storage Solution for Kitchen 4 Boxes Set

  1. Bobby Janson

    I definitely hate purchasing the ziplock baggies and using the boxes that come with it because they will be crushed down before I finish up the product. Thus I have a drawer full of bags and clutter.

    Conversely, I am absolutely obsessed with these bamboo baggie organizers and I love that I can reassigned them with pre-provided labels.

    bag organizer Storage
  2. Susan Ruggier

    No more cardboard boxes full of food baggies falling out of the cupboard when I open the door. I attached labels to the ends of each unit compartment and arranged them side by side because I will be utilizing them inside of a cabinet. These storage bag organizers work flawlessly!

  3. Maria Garcia

    This is described as “unnecessary” by someone, but I think it’s great! The baggie organizer keeps the kitchen drawer neat and organized. Kind notice, make sure you measure your drawers before placing an order. I also love how it can be set up differently because it’s not just one block.

  4. April Moore

    I typically don’t transfer items from one box to another for organization, but I have repeatedly purchased boxes that are too large for my drawer. However, these boxes all fit nicely into my drawer, and I was able to transfer the ziplock bags from the bigger boxes into these smaller ones.

  5. Teri J

    I really appreciate the concept behind this storage bag organizer and it certainly does a great job of keeping my drawer organized. However, I have encountered some difficulties with the bags. They are not easy to access from the dispensers and require a bit of bending and stuffing to get them in. Additionally, I typically purchase bulk ziplock bags from Costco and find that the dispenser cannot accommodate the entire box, which defeats the purpose of having a dispenser. It’s frustrating to have a partially filled box of bags left over that won’t fit into the baggie organizer.

  6. Jennie Thornton

    Initially, I thought this organization gadget was excessive, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it effectively tidy up the clutter, but it also simplifies the process of cleaning and reusing the bags. I am thoroughly impressed and really enjoy using this baggie organizer

  7. Tania Srouji

    I am enamored with this baggie organizer. It enabled me to efficiently arrange all my Ziplock bags, resulting in a visually pleasing and sophisticated appearance. The uniformity achieved by using this product not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of my drawers but also brings a sense of order and organization.

  8. Chelsea Warywoski

    The storage bag organizer is impressive, with a robust and sturdy build. I recently purchased the three-in-one container for storing foil, plastic, and wax, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was supporting a local business within my zip code. However, I believe that Amazon should do more to highlight local store options to encourage more people to shop locally. Knowing that there are local options available will certainly influence my purchasing decisions, but I hope Amazon will prioritize promoting local storefronts in the future.

  9. Ruggier

    “Gone are the days of struggling with open boxes and storage bags tumbling out of the cabinet when opening the door. I’ve found a simple solution by placing labels on the end of each storage unit and aligning them side by side within the cabinet. This baggie organizer has proven to be extremely effective and has eliminated the issue altogether.

  10. Michelle Calderon

    Out of all the plastic bags I utilize, I find myself going through the quart size the most frequently. However, I have encountered an issue as my usual quart size bags with the slider do not fit in this particular organizer. Despite this setback, I was able to fit the gallon size bags with the slider, although it was a bit of a struggle to stuff them in and they do not come out smoothly. On the other hand, the regular quart and gallon sizes without the slider fit perfectly. Despite this issue, the baggie organizer looks great and the sizes that do fit come out smoothly. If only my slider bags would fit, I would have given this product a five-star rating.

  11. Bobby

    I have a strong aversion to using the boxes that come with the baggie organizer I purchase as they tend to break down before I even finish using the item. As a result, I have accumulated a cluttered drawer full of bags and other storage options that can be confusing to navigate.

    On the other hand, I am a huge fan of these bamboo compartments and the convenience of having pre-provided labels to keep everything organized.

  12. KimPossible

    These bamboo storage boxes have exceeded my expectations. They offer a practical and visually appealing alternative to unsightly cardboard boxes for storing zipper storage bags. The four separate compartments provide ample space to accommodate all my plastic bags, and the boxes are easily rearranged to fit any space. Best of all, no assembly is required! The preprinted labels that come with the boxes are a nice touch, making organization a breeze. The result is a neat and tidy drawer that I absolutely love. To top it off, I also purchased the matching tissue box cover to hold my nitrile gloves for food preparation. Overall, I am thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend these products.

  13. Voodoodoc

    Being a Professional Organizer, I constantly seek out organizers that not only function well but also have an attractive appearance. These baggie organizers meet both criteria and are sure to become a staple product in my clients’ homes. Personally, I adore mine!

  14. Garcia

    This set of storage boxes is both incredibly cute and functional. The baggie organizer are made of high-quality materials, making them incredibly sturdy and durable. Even though I don’t have a use for every size, the extra space is great for storing random items like rubber bands, labels, or tape. The price is very reasonable considering the versatility of the set, and they would look great in any kitchen or drawer, adding to the overall organization and cleanliness of the space. I would definitely recommend this set to my friends!

  15. Debbie K. Cole

    I purchased these baggie organizers to store my bags, and I must say that they exceeded my expectations. They add a touch of elegance to my drawer, and with their four separate pieces, I can easily customize them to fit the size of my drawer. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a functional and stylish storage solution.

  16. Gabrielle Van Ness

    I appreciated the fact that these baggie organizers were not uniform in size, as it allowed me to customize their placement in my drawer. Additionally, they perform admirably, surpassing cardboard containers in both aesthetics and durability.

  17. Kelly Almanza

    This baggie organizer is an excellent tool for organizing. It enables me to consolidate several boxes of ziplock bags into one, reducing the clutter in my drawer. Additionally, the tool is aesthetically pleasing.

  18. Thornton

    Initially, I thought baggie organizer gadget was a bit excessive. However, I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. Not only does it efficiently clean up messes, but it also simplifies the process of cleaning and reusing the bags. I am thoroughly impressed with it.

  19. Cher Fru

    I have a positive impression of this baggie organizer. I used to dislike the fact that the original packaging was prone to tearing or being flimsy, but this new and stylish alternative is an excellent solution.

  20. Christina Libardos

    Although some people may consider it unnecessary, I personally find it to be perfect. It helps keep things looking neat and organized. Just make sure to measure your drawers before placing an order. What’s more, I appreciate the fact that it can be configured in different ways instead of being a single block unit.

  21. Anna D

    This baggie organizer is impressive! The box is robust and fits snugly into the drawer. The idea of replacing cardboard boxes with this organizer is pure genius. Simply insert the bags into the designated compartments, and you’re good to go! I absolutely adore this product. It brings me so much joy to open the drawer and see everything looking so neat and organized.

  22. Sonja Cotton

    These baggie organizer are excellent and durable. No need to deal with flimsy boxes. There’s ample space for additional items in my drawer.

  23. Sheri

    I found these helpful for organizing my kitchen drawers, but the layout didn’t work as expected. The drawers weren’t big enough to hold all four pieces together, so I had to separate them and place items behind them to prevent the boxes from sliding around.

  24. Maureen Vanderbilt

    Love these baggie organizers! They are perfect for my obsession with organization. The only downside is that the quart bags don’t fit perfectly; I had to squeeze them in. Still, I’m overall satisfied.

  25. Cloma Hemby Rhodes

    This kitchen baggie organizer efficiently condenses all the storage bags into a compact space. However, one minor flaw in its construction is that the top tends to slide off when retrieving a bag. Despite this issue, it remains a practical and useful tool for keeping your kitchen organized.

  26. Taylor Pokorski

    While I’m generally pleased with my purchase, I do have one minor issue to address. The edges of the item are unexpectedly sharp, and unfortunately, I ended up scraping off some skin from my finger while handling it. It’s essential to exercise caution when handling and filling the product. However, aside from this concern, I am content with my purchase and overall satisfaction.”

  27. Calderon

    Out of all the plastic bags I use, the quart size bags are the ones I use up the most. I’ve always preferred the quart size bags with a slider, but unfortunately, they don’t fit in this organizer. On the other hand, the gallon size bags with a slider do fit, although I did have some difficulty squeezing them in, and they don’t come out smoothly. The regular quart and gallon size bags without a slider fit perfectly fine. Apart from this issue, the organizer looks great, and the other sizes that do fit slide out effortlessly and look nice. If only my slider bags would fit, I would gladly give this product a 5-star rating.”

  28. Steve Linger

    I purchased three kitchen baggie organizers constructed from wood and filled them with a variety of sandwich bags, freezer bags, and other sizes. These products are exceptionally well-crafted and effortlessly accessible. If I had additional space, I would definitely include more of them.

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