SpaceAid® Bamboo Water Bottle Organizer for Cabinets and Pantries with Labels, Kitchen Storage Rack 3-Tier

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The ultimate solution for water bottle storage! Our organizer offers the finest water bottle storage ideas on the market, making it an ideal fit for any space in your home. Whether you need to organize your water bottles in the kitchen, pantry, cabinet, or dining room, our organizer is up to the task!

Each layer of our water bottle organizer holds up to 3 water bottles, allowing you to systematically organize your water bottles and save as much space as possible. Plus, with the ability to stack up to 4 layers, our organizer is a real space-saver.

Our water bottle organizer is not only functional, but also sturdy and stylish. Made with 100% natural bamboo instead of plastic, it’s more reliable and durable. You can use it not only as a water bottle organizer, but also as a tumbler organizer or wine rack.

Installation is a breeze with our water bottle organizer – the package comes with precise instructions and all the tools you need. It will take you less than 5 minutes to put it together, and you’ll be good to go!

Each layer of our organizer measures 11.6″ W x 8″ D x 4″ H, providing enough space to fit most water bottles, tumblers, or even your favorite Starbucks cups. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a tidy, clutter-free space with our water bottle organizer and water bottle storage ideas!


3-Tier for 9 Bottles


7.6"D x 11.4"W x 9"H



29 reviews for SpaceAid® Bamboo Water Bottle Organizer for Cabinets and Pantries with Labels, Kitchen Storage Rack 3-Tier

  1. Carrie

    The three-tier bottle organizer came with a screwdriver and extra screws. I’m using it to store baby bottles. An interesting feature is that you can flip one shelf over to create a flat surface if that’s your preference.

  2. Eugene

    This water bottle organizer is truly elegant. It’s simple to assemble and adds a touch of sophistication to the cabinet’s interior. An additional benefit is that it’s not constructed from plastic, making it an eco-friendly choice.

  3. Clifford

    This product arrived promptly, assembled easily, and seamlessly fit into my kitchen cabinet. I adore how it has brought all my bottles together in one spot, creating a well-organized storage solution.

  4. Teri

    If you’re fed up with your water bottles or little tykes rolling out of place, then this product is your solution. It can securely hold six bottles, and I wish my closets were spacious enough to accommodate them for all my glasses and water bottles. However, it has effectively eliminated the issue of items rolling out, and it also adds a stylish touch to the space.

  5. Orr

    This product is a space-saving marvel! It’s not only robust but also visually appealing. What used to accommodate perhaps 4-6 bottles can now hold 9! I absolutely adore it, especially since I have a sizable collection of water bottles that I regularly rotate. It’s truly remarkable.

  6. Weisbrod

    The product arrived promptly, was relatively straightforward to assemble, and fit seamlessly into my kitchen cabinet. I’m thrilled that my bottles are now neatly gathered in one place and well-organized!

  7. Debrah

    A real space-saver! It’s both sturdy and visually appealing. Where you used to be able to stand maybe 4-6 bottles, you can now fit 9! I absolutely adore this. Since I rotate through so many water bottles, it’s incredibly convenient.

  8. Hahn

    Featuring three tiers, this water bottle storage rack boasts a robust construction. Assembling it is a breeze, thanks to the inclusion of all necessary tools such as a screwdriver, screws, and detailed printed instructions. In my experience, it took less than 10 minutes to complete the assembly.

  9. Matthew

    Crafted from natural bamboo and meticulously painted and polished, this rack serves as an excellent organizer for my water bottles and various items. It truly maximizes space efficiency. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  10. dragonfly

    The design is extremely robust and exhibits no wobbling once assembled. It fits perfectly into my top shelf and accommodates a wide array of bottle shapes and sizes. I appreciate the open design, which allows for placement towards the front to accommodate taller bottles!

  11. Fisher

    It significantly freed up cabinet space, but the only problem was that one of the screw holes wasn’t pre-drilled, so I had to create it myself.

  12. JoAnne

    Bamboo is an exceptionally durable wood, and I’m optimistic it will endure for a long time. I’ve had it for several weeks, and I have no grievances or complaints so far.

  13. Derek S.

    I’m extremely satisfied with this product. It was a breeze to put together, and it came with all the required parts. It functions wonderfully in our refrigerator, greatly simplifying the storage and retrieval of our water bottles. It accommodates a wide range of bottle sizes and appears to be very robust.

  14. cug

    It conserves space more than you might anticipate. Ideal for decluttering water bottles, and it can even accommodate wine and other types of bottles. Exceptionally robust and simple to assemble swiftly.

  15. Lilipad

    I’ve been struggling with our coffee tumblers and sports bottles for quite some time now. These shelves certainly simplify the task of locating our cups. They’d make a wonderful housewarming present!

  16. turner

    Larger tumblers may not fit inside it, but they can be placed upright on the side. For regular-sized water bottles and tumblers, this organizer is a game-changer, transforming the pantry from a cluttered tumbler and water bottle storage area into an intentionally organized space.

  17. Shannon

    My kids have accumulated numerous water bottles, and I was fed up with the constant mess whenever I opened the cabinet. This proved to be an ideal solution for neatly and systematically storing them. It accommodated a total of 8 water bottles for us.

  18. Avila

    We’ve turned into avid “tumbler collectors,” and this is an ideal solution to keep them readily accessible and well-organized. The organizer is exceptionally robust, and I adore its appearance. It features a light, neutral-colored wood finish, resembling a natural, unstained look. While it accommodates most tumblers, it may not fit every size.

  19. Alvaro

    This water bottle organizer is exquisite. It’s easy to put together and adds a touch of elegance inside the cabinet. An added bonus is that it’s not made of plastic, making it environmentally friendly.

  20. Anderson

    It’s even more aesthetically pleasing and durable than depicted in the photos. It’s an ideal fit for the kitchen cabinet and a significant upgrade from storing water bottles in an upright position.

  21. Deborah S.

    It optimizes our cabinet space significantly, creating more room for other items. The assembly process was a breeze – just a few screws to attach, and it even came with the appropriately sized screwdriver. The whole assembly took a mere 5 minutes. Its sturdiness is quite apparent, and I highly recommend it.

  22. Susan

    I deliberated between choosing this or a less expensive plastic alternative, and I’m thrilled I opted for this one. Despite its compact design, it can accommodate a substantial number of bottles.

  23. Owen

    In retrospect, opting for a larger size might have been a good idea (we chose the one for 9 bottles). The bamboo, a robust wood choice, gives me hope that it will endure for a considerable period.

  24. Angela

    Its versatility in accommodating a wide range of bottle sizes and its apparent durability add to its appeal. It’s worth mentioning that it’s best suited for a garage fridge due to its space requirements (it occupies a substantial portion of a fridge shelf), but it aligns perfectly with our needs.

  25. Emily

    I’m highly satisfied with this product. The assembly process was straightforward, and all the necessary components were included. It functions exceptionally well within our fridge, greatly facilitating the storage and retrieval of our water bottles.

  26. MaggieMay

    I deliberated between choosing this or a less expensive plastic alternative, and I’m delighted with my decision to opt for this one. Despite its compact size, it accommodates a significant number of bottles. The wider version fits perfectly within my cabinet, securely holding 12 water bottles and straw cups belonging to my children. Its space-saving design has drastically improved our cabinet’s efficiency, creating more room for other items. Putting it together was a breeze – just a few screws and the provided screwdriver was the right fit. Assembly took a mere 5 minutes. The overall construction feels impressively robust. I highly recommend this product. In fact, I’m considering purchasing another to organize my collection of water bottles and travel coffee mugs.

  27. Stephanyzs

    Tired of dealing with a jumble of water bottles in your cupboard? Say goodbye to the chaos. This solution tidies things up, provides convenient access, and neatly fits right into your cupboard space.

  28. CatZ

    Saves even more space than anticipated. Perfect for decluttering water bottles and versatile enough to accommodate wine or other types of bottles. Exceptionally sturdy and simple to swiftly assemble.

  29. Laney Ray

    This organizer is fantastic. It perfectly complements the other wooden organizers in my cabinet. It accommodates wider bottles on the top shelf, which is exactly how I utilize it. The ability to view all my bottles at once is truly a delightful upgrade!

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