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  • SOLUTION FOR WATER BOTTLE STORAGE-The finest water bottle storage ideas you can find in the market. Ideal fit for the kitchen, pantry, cabinet, dining room and even more!
  • STACKABLE SPACE SAVOR-Each layer of the water bottle organizer holds up to 3 water bottles, and it could be stacked up to 4 layers. Help you systematically organize your water bottles and save as much space as possible.
  • STURDY AND STYLISH-The water bottle organizer is made with 100% nature bamboo instead of plastic, which makes it more reliable and durable. It’s totally up to you to use it as a water bottle organizer, a tumbler organizer, or even a wine rack.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION-The package comes with precise instructions and all the tools you need, it will take less than 5 minutes to put the water bottle organizer together and you are good to go!
  • SIZE & DIMENSIONS-Each layer size :11.6″W x 8″D x 4″H, which allow the organizer to fit most water bottles, tumblers, or even your favourite Starbucks Cups.

Stackable, Tiered


2 Layers (6 Bottles)


8"D x 11.6"W x 4"H

40 reviews for SpaceAid® Water Bottle Organizer Tumbler Organizers, Wine Bottle Storage

  1. Anyeon Kim

    the product is worth its price,. i think it’s good to have a try.

  2. JojiOmanko

    loveee it, saved so much space and agony in finding bottles

  3. Araceli Ramos

    I love it! It’s incredibly convenient for saving space and ensuring that my water bottles are always within easy reach.

  4. Alisha D Griffin

    These work wonderfully, but the assembly does require some effort and a significant amount of time. However, the end result is a super sturdy product!

  5. JC Sanchez

    Assembly was a breeze, and the final result is stunning. Now, all my water bottles are neatly consolidated in one convenient location.

  6. WD112720

    I absolutely adore the end result! While some assembly was necessary, the package included all the essential tools, making the process exceptionally straightforward. I’m just thrilled with how wonderfully organized it now appears!

  7. MR. T

    I highly recommend it, especially if you’re mindful of the available space, as it’s quite sturdy for its purpose.

  8. Marci CM

    Assembling the product was straightforward, and even my 12-year-olds were able to help. It securely holds bottles in place, although our 40-ounce ones had to be placed on top due to their width.

  9. John Doe

    The countertop appearance is enhanced by its presence, neatly arranging up to 6 bottles. As time has gone by, we’ve managed to accumulate quite a collection. This unit effectively addresses our needs and adds a touch of sophistication. Once assembled, it proves to be remarkably sturdy. While the assembly process can be a bit cumbersome, it’s certainly manageable.

  10. StarBright

    I’m delighted to have finally tamed the chaos of water containers with this organizer. The assembly process went smoothly, and its performance meets expectations. The bamboo material adds a touch of elegance. However, in my opinion, the price could be more reasonable, perhaps around $19, especially considering the assembly involved.

  11. Janet Blair

    This bottle rack is an excellent solution for saving space, and its appearance on my counter is truly appealing. The bamboo’s natural grain adds to its charm, while the simple design is aesthetically pleasing. All the components were impeccably smooth and accurately drilled. The assembly instructions were clear-cut, making the process remarkably easy. If you require additional storage, you can effortlessly stack upwards within the same footprint. The choice of bamboo is well-suited for a kitchen counter as it boasts natural water resistance. It accommodates bottles with diameters of up to 3.5 inches.

  12. Heidi Snyder

    I initially expected it to be pre-assembled, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to put together. The package even includes a small Phillips screwdriver. The design is pleasant, and it effectively conserves cupboard space.

  13. Michaela Wilson

    Setting it up was incredibly simple. The pieces are stacked on top of each other, allowing you to arrange them either side by side or stacked, just like in the photo.

  14. J. Gray

    Extremely simple to assemble and fits flawlessly inside the cabinet. An ideal solution for maintaining well-organized water bottles with convenient accessibility. I will certainly buy a few more without a doubt.

  15. Mecca

    Absolutely adoring my fresh bamboo water bottle organizer! The assembly process was a breeze, and the color is just splendid! This addition has truly elevated the appeal of my kitchen area.

  16. Holly

    This product is fantastic for organizing my children’s water bottles. It included all the necessary tools for assembly and proved to be exceptionally simple to put together.

  17. Robyn Taina

    This organizer has proven to be incredibly beneficial. It allows me to arrange my kids’ water bottles in a neat and efficient manner, significantly simplifying my daily routine. The aesthetic appeal is also worth noting – the elegant bamboo design seamlessly integrates with my home decor, avoiding any sense of discord. Assembling it was a breeze, and I must emphasize my strong recommendation to choose this particular organizer. Its quality stands head and shoulders above other similar options on the market.

  18. Kendar

    Absolutely flawless! My husband and I keep around 6 preferred wine bottles at all times, and this rack fits our needs to a tee. It not only securely accommodated all our wine bottles but also added a touch of elegance to our bar countertop. I’m genuinely enamored with this holder. The package even includes a screwdriver, making the assembly process a total breeze, taking us a mere 5-8 minutes. The rack stands strong and emits the delightful scent of bamboo. What’s more, each part is thoughtfully labeled. It’s evident that the company poured both careful consideration and heartfelt effort into crafting this piece. Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled!

  19. AV

    I’m delighted by how these organizers have transformed our water bottle collection’s chaos into order! Through the years, we’ve accumulated an array of sizes and designs, and these organizers elegantly contain them all. The days of bottles toppling over on the shelves are finally behind us.

  20. Andraw

    This product is fantastic and a breeze to assemble. I purchased it for the purpose of organizing my shaker cups. However, it’s worth noting that each shelf can only accommodate two cups, and they can’t be slid in all the way. It’s important to clarify that this limitation isn’t the fault of the product itself. Despite this, I’m still giving it a 5-star rating.

  21. CK

    Genuine wood material. My package included an actual screwdriver, which was fantastic. The assembly process was very straightforward and intuitive. I’m considering purchasing more in the future.

  22. D. Morgan

    Extremely simple to assemble. It features small protrusions on the underside that securely interlock with the base stand, preventing any unwanted sliding. Its appearance is truly impressive and it fits seamlessly within my cupboard. I wholeheartedly endorse this product.

  23. Kassle

    I encountered a minor problem that could have been addressed with an item costing them less than $1. However, I was pleasantly surprised when they promptly replied to my email the following business day and went above and beyond by sending me a complete replacement set. To top it off, the replacement set arrived a whole two days ahead of the estimated delivery date they provided.
    Turning to the product’s quality, it appears to be well-crafted. The only caveat is that I personally wish it could accommodate larger bottles, though I acknowledge that this is my own oversight. The product description itself is exceedingly clear, which led me to organize my setup with two larger bottles placed on the top tier and smaller ones on the bottom.

  24. Cristina

    Exactly what I required to efficiently arrange my assortment of bottles and insulated cups. The wooden aesthetics are exquisite, far superior to alternative plastic or metal bottle organizers. They fit impeccably within the compact cabinet situated above my microwave. I wholeheartedly endorse these!

  25. sara

    I find this water bottle storage solution to be excellent. I purchased two sets, allowing me to stack them four units high. The assembly process is straightforward, aided by the included screwdriver. Its durability is sufficient for its intended purpose. The fact that it’s crafted from bamboo adds to its appeal, as I appreciate using a sustainable resource. Overall, it’s a fantastic acquisition.

  26. Kendra Ann

    I am delighted with this product; it’s absolutely flawless! My husband and I have a small collection of about six preferred wine bottles, and this rack turned out to be the perfect solution. Not only does it securely hold our bottles, but it also adds an elegant touch to our bar countertop. The included screwdriver made assembling it a breeze, taking us only 5-8 minutes. The rack feels incredibly sturdy, and the pleasant aroma of bamboo adds to its charm. The labeled parts made the building process even smoother, showcasing the thoughtful design by the company. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our purchase, and it has truly exceeded our expectations!

  27. L. Pemberton

    The water bottle organization is accurately described and I am thoroughly impressed with this organizer. It is exceptionally durable and I am currently utilizing it to store my alcohol. I would highly recommend this product.

  28. AleeshaBoo

    I can’t get enough of these bottle organizers! They can accommodate various bottle sizes and lengths, and they feel incredibly sturdy. The quality of these organizers is top-notch, especially considering their affordable price. I’ll definitely need to purchase more layers to tame the clutter in my cabinets, but these water bottle organizer are an excellent starting point.

  29. Simply Kate

    I absolutely adore the end result! Although water bottle organization required some assembly, the necessary tools were included and the process was incredibly effortless. The organized appearance is just magnificent!

  30. Jess Kuras

    I found assembling this water bottle organizer to be a breeze, albeit requiring a few minutes of screwing. The result was far more aesthetically pleasing than my previous haphazard approach of cramming too many water bottles into my cabinet. While the product included labels for each slot, I opted not to use them as I found them unnecessary. Overall, this simple improvement helped me organize my water bottles more efficiently and made them more easily accessible.

  31. Chris Pupka

    After our kitchen remodel, we were unsure where to store our collection of sports water bottles, resulting in them cluttering the countertop for weeks. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this water bottle organization and immediately purchased it. Assembling it with the included screwdriver took only 5 minutes, and it was exactly what we needed. While the top rack can accommodate oversized bottles up to 32 oz., it can be a bit snug. Nonetheless, it functions flawlessly.

  32. Robyn Traina

    I find this water bottle storage incredibly useful for keeping my children’s water bottles neatly arranged. It has made my life much easier, and I’m thrilled with how attractive it looks. The bamboo material is simply gorgeous, and it seamlessly fits into my decor without looking out of place. Setting it up was a breeze, and I can confidently say that this is the best organizer of its kind that I have come across. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a functional and stylish way to keep their items organized.

  33. Kristen Casellar

    I am thrilled with this water bottle storage as it is an excellent space-saving solution and adds a delightful touch to my countertop. The bamboo grain is particularly appealing, and the straightforward, minimalist design only enhances its charm. The parts are all impeccably smooth and drilled correctly, and the assembly was a breeze with clear instructions. Additionally, this rack is stackable, making it a convenient option for expanding storage without sacrificing counter space. The natural water-resistant properties of bamboo make it a perfect fit for a kitchen setting. It accommodates bottles with a diameter of up to 3.5″.

  34. Fish Fisherson

    This water bottle organizer unit is definitely a space-saving and sturdy solution. It simplifies the organization of water bottles and thermos flasks, saving me the hassle of having to sift through my entire collection to find what I need. In fact, I’m even considering purchasing additional units for my RV to prevent cups and bottles from toppling over during travel.

  35. Sandra Romero

    This water bottle organization unit seamlessly blends in with my cabinet! The assembly instructions were a breeze to follow, and it’s perfectly normal to have some leftover screws. As a bonus, I was pleasantly surprised to find labels included. I’m so impressed with the sturdiness and stylish appearance that I plan to purchase more units to organize my coffee syrups.

  36. James Hensley

    Initially, I was undecided between two comparable products – one crafted with plastic and metal, and the other one which caught my attention was adjustable, but looked fragile and potentially destined to end up in a landfill. However, after careful consideration, I opted for the eco-friendly alternative that will decompose naturally, aligning with my values and ethical principles. I’m thrilled with my decision, as not only is it a non-harmful option for the environment, but it is also robust and aesthetically pleasing compared to the plastic option. Let’s all do our part in rejecting plastic!

  37. Andrew

    I highly recommend this water bottle organization as it is both excellent and effortless to assemble. I purchased it for the purpose of storing my shaker cups, but unfortunately, only two cups can fit on each shelf, and they cannot slide in all the way. However, I must emphasize that this is not the fault of the product. Despite this limitation, I still give it a five-star rating.

  38. Kellie Dyslin

    I highly recommend this product as an excellent choice for storing water bottles. I purchased two sets and stacked water bottle organizer to make a four-tiered unit. The assembly was effortless, and it even includes its own screwdriver. The stand is sturdy and serves its purpose well. Additionally, I appreciate that it’s made from bamboo, a renewable resource. Overall, it was a great purchase, and I would gladly buy it again.

  39. Kendra

    This is PERFECT! I’m delighted with this purchase. This rack worked out great for my husband and we use it to store about 6 wine bottles anywhere. To make construction simple, it includes a screwdriver, and I t took 5-8 minutes to build. It is durable and it has a nice bamboo scent. 

  40. Kristen Casella

    Excellent solution for the water bottles that keep falling over in the cupboard. I purchased two sets, which fit 12 regular-sized water bottles but not the larger ones. The instructions were straightforward, and it took around 15 minutes to build each panel.

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