SpaceAid® Spice Drawer Organizer Compact Spice Rack for Kitchen Drawer

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  • SPICE IT UP: The Spice Drawer Organizer becomes the most popular way to organize your spice collection, owning a spice drawer can not only help you declutter your kitchen space, but also keep your spices organized and easy to find in the middle of cooking.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Our thoughtful tiered-design that keep round and square spice jars from rolling over, which also makes the labels on the spice drawer organizer more visible. The whole set of Spice Drawer Organizer is made with strong steel/ high quality bamboo and good finish, and the large capacity could store all of your favourite spices. The tray can be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly.
  • EASY TO USE: No installation required, all the effort you need to spend is decanting your spices to our elegant spice jars, and layer them in order. Square corners in the space-saving design prevent gaps and give your Spice Drawer Organizer a polished, personalized appearance.
  • SURPREME GIFT: This drawer spice organizer is the ideal gift for master chefs & busy moms, or anyone who enjoys cuisine and spices.




Special Feature

Easy to Clean, Durable, Large Capacity


17.5"D x 13"W x 2.5"H

26 reviews for SpaceAid® Spice Drawer Organizer Compact Spice Rack for Kitchen Drawer

  1. Catsad

    It simplifies cooking significantly. The jars are a good size and come with shaker tops. The stickers are a nice touch. We’re thrilled we got these!

  2. Stephanyy

    I was genuinely excited to wake up today just so I could open the drawer and admire them once more. This is truly the best purchase I’ve ever made.

  3. erikahale

    I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase; it has transformed a disorganized mess into something I eagerly anticipate using. This is a fantastic product! My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner.

  4. Bug

    I’m absolutely thrilled with this spice organizer. The racks are of excellent quality, and the jars are a good size. I took measurements before ordering, and it fits perfectly.

  5. Lainie

    If you’re contemplating moving your spices into a drawer and considering using this organizer, don’t hesitate—just go for it. It’s truly amazing.

  6. Johns

    If you’re someone who dislikes dealing with various-sized spice containers, this is the perfect solution for you! I appreciate the fact that I can store all my spices in uniform containers with matching labels. Additionally, the labels come pre-printed and include blank ones for your customization.

  7. Erica L

    I adore this spice drawer organizer that includes the bottles and labels. Be sure to measure your drawers to ensure it fits. I have an extensive collection of spices, and there were still some labels left over.

  8. Samuel

    I’m thrilled that I ordered this product. It’s incredibly satisfying to open a drawer and easily locate the exact spice you’re searching for. No more struggling with jumbled spice bottles, and no more bottles tipping over and disappearing in the depths of the cabinet. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

  9. Santinato

    These are beautifully crafted and come with plenty of stickers. I’m delighted with my purchase, and my kitchen now exudes a sense of perfect organization. Seasoning my meats has become an absolute joy!

  10. Priyanka

    I absolutely adored this product. It fits perfectly in the drawer next to the stove. The labels are made of washable plastic and are exceptionally easy to read. It’s a fantastic product, and it’s making me want to rush out and buy more spices.

  11. Calista

    The product performs exactly as intended, and the jars are perfectly sized for holding spices. We utilized double-sided tape to secure the trays in place. The funnel is highly effective initially, though depending on the type of spice, you might encounter some residue and need to clean it before using it for the next one.

  12. Jasmine

    There’s an extensive array of spices to select from. Although a chalk pen for the blank stickers was provided, I didn’t require it. I’m thoroughly pleased with it!

  13. Oliver

    I aimed to have my spices conveniently located near my oven, but my drawer space was limited. Nonetheless, this idea is truly fantastic. The shakers are substantial, and the stickers are of high quality.

  14. Antunes

    I opted for the 28-jar drawer set and was so pleased with it that I decided to acquire the 28-jar countertop organizer as well. This one now sits near my stovetop for the herbs and spices I use most frequently. I wholeheartedly endorse this for individuals who value organization and perhaps have a touch of OCD about it.

  15. UUA

    The product arrives beautifully packaged. The abundance of labels provided is impressive, offering more spice options than I was even aware of. Setting it up within my drawer space has been wonderfully effortless.

  16. TaShona

    The spice jars proved to be an ideal fit for my requirements. I’m particularly grateful for the stickers, which even had name brand choices (I made two adjustments upon discovering exact matches). I have developed a fondness for these jars as they significantly reduce the assortment of varied containers in my cabinet, curbing the minor spills that result from improperly closed tops. I wholeheartedly recommend acquiring these – they’re a great choice!

  17. Sue

    Undoubtedly, this product stands out as the ultimate solution for spice organization. The jars exude an adorable charm. The package includes alphabetically labeled stickers along with some blank ones for personalization. Additionally, a funnel is provided to simplify the process of transferring spices.

  18. Erica Ivey

    If the assortment of various-sized spice containers isn’t your preference, then this is the solution for you! I’m thrilled by the ability to store all my spices in uniform containers with consistent labels. What’s even better is that the labels come pre-printed, and there are also blank labels included for your customization needs.

  19. Burcu

    I thoroughly enjoy utilizing spices in a well-organized manner, and these containers have brought me immense satisfaction. The inclusion of the spice drawer organizer, along with the bottles and labels, is a feature I adore. Just be sure to measure your drawers to ensure a proper fit. Given my extensive spice collection, I found there were still some surplus labels left over.

  20. Flsunshine

    I’m delighted with my decision to purchase this product. It’s truly a joy to open a drawer and immediately spot the exact spice you’re searching for. No more struggling with a jumble of spice bottles, and the days of bottles toppling over and disappearing at the back of the cabinet are over. I strongly endorse this product.

  21. Jill

    I’m thoroughly impressed with every aspect of this product! The accompanying labels offer an extensive range of preprinted choices, eliminating the need for me to use the writable ones – a major advantage. The item fits perfectly within the drawer, was delivered promptly, and boasts a delightful aesthetic appeal!

  22. Bethany Patterson

    I’m really fond of how neatly this item slots into my drawer, and the jars it comes with are just the right size. The labels on the jars are truly impressive. I’ve come across spices I wasn’t even aware existed, and I’ve been delving into research to incorporate them into my culinary ventures! It’s great that there are some blank labels included, allowing me to personalize with my own blends. I’m seriously contemplating getting another one – it’s that good!

  23. Average Consumer

    The product performs exactly as intended, and the jars are capacious enough to accommodate the appropriate quantity of spices. We utilized double-sided tape to secure the trays in position. Although the funnel proves to be highly effective initially, it’s worth noting that, depending on the type of spice being used, there might be some residue left behind. Consequently, it’s advisable to wipe it clean before proceeding with the next spice.

  24. Debrah Martin

    It took a bit of time in the morning, but I managed to fill all the jars and attach the stickers. The result looks great, and now finding the spices is a breeze, rather than having to unload a shelf in my cabinet.

  25. Jeremy A.

    This product is an excellent solution for spice organization, simplifying the process of locating your spices. It’s far superior to rummaging through a cabinet in search of what you need!

  26. Mick Morley

    All of my spices were just dumped into the cupboard before I bought this spice drawer organizer. I love this it makes finding the spices I need so much easier. I needed to add an anti-slip mat underneath it, among other things, since my drawer was a few inches bigger.  I transferred some of the spices to the spice jars come with the package, and that  was quite simple, and I’ll eventually convert everything over. However, some original glass bottles will not fit on the organizer nicely.

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