The Water Bottle Storage Hack You Must Know In 2023!

The Water Bottle Storage Hack You Must Know In 2023!

When you open one of your kitchen cabinets, do you ever cringe because you believe something will fall out and hit you in the face? And if you have kids, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that the cabinet water bottles are a pain in the ass! They take up a lot of room (especially the ones with the giant wing handles) and bedsides, they would fall easily every time you reach for one, and they would literally fall with domino effects and takes you lots of time to clean up the mess. I was the one with the cabinet holding the water bottles, and I committed to solving this situation for good in the new year! After doing some online research, I finally decided to try one of these smart tricks to actually solve this problem – once and for all, which is the SpaceAid Water Bottle Organizer!

Everybody in our home has one or more favorite water bottles, and then there are those that are simply too good to throw away. Not to mention that you occasionally receive a promotional water bottle that is very attractive. Additionally, you would need different-sized water bottles for different occasions.

How will you make space for everything? More difficult than you may imagine! And we create a few steps for you to follow up:

First of all, you should have a kitchen cabinet that will serve as THE PLACE to store all of your water bottles. Make sure the place you choose has proper space for storing the items you wish to keep.

It would be best if you got rid of anything that does not fit in this area, and you might need to raise the higher cabinet shelves to make room for the taller bottles, but you get the point.

My water bottle storage place is the lower shelf of an upper cabinet in the kitchen.


The second step is collecting all of your water bottles at home and putting them on the countertop for a better overlook. And this may the most difficult part of the whole project – decide which water bottles to keep in your kitchen cabinet; for me, I will keep those water bottles that I often use. For example, the blender bottle that I use for workouts, the travel mug with the best ability of heat preservation, and I travel with it a lot so I can drink warm coffee anyplace. I will also keep the Starbucks tumbler that I use every day, I may get too deep here, but you should get the point. Then we repeat the same process to every family member so they will keep 3-4 of their most used bottles as well. This may be hard but stick with me.

Finally, organizing the rest of your water bottles is becoming much easier. However, the problems are not solved completely yet, you still need to dig through the cabinet to reach the bottles behind, and it may knock down the rest water bottles and make everything a mess again. At this point, the Stackable Water Bottle Storage Organizers may fit your needs perfectly. In this way, you could maximize the vertical space in your cabinet by arranging your water bottles horizontally.


Additionally, you won’t have to dig around in the back for the water bottle you need because you will be able to see every one of them at a glance.

The SpaceAid Water Bottle Organizer is made with 100% high-quality natural bamboo, and that’s definitely a bonus. The wooden color could fit perfectly with the rest decoration of your kitchen.

At last, you are always welcome to donate those water bottles you don’t need anymore and trust me, it feels good! But if it’s too hard for you to throw away or donate the rest water bottles because they mean a lot to you, you can put them into a bin and store in your garage! If you want, leave them there for a while. This gives you the opportunity to bring a bottle back in if you find yourself searching through the cabinet for a certain water bottle.