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SpaceAid Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer with Labels (Natural, 6 Slots)

SpaceAid Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer with Labels (Natural, 6 Slots)

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  • TIDY AND STYLISH - Transform your kitchen drawer into an organized and beautiful space with our bamboo silverware drawer organizer. This utensil organizer is specifically designed for efficient storage of various silverware items. Dimensions: 15.6"L x 8"W x 2.4"H.
  • EFFICIENT KITCHEN STORAGE - Perfect for holding silverware, utensils, flatware, cutlery, spoons, and knives. The bamboo organizer is 2.4" high, so make sure to measure your drawer height beforehand.
  • INCLUDES 80 LABEL STICKERS - Easily identify the contents of each drawer with the included labels. You can choose to label the bamboo kitchen organizer for clear categorization, or keep the clean look without labels.
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - Crafted from durable solid bamboo, this silverware tray is built to last. It can securely hold utensils and cutlery of various sizes. Embrace an organized and sustainable lifestyle with this eco-friendly bamboo silverware tray.
  • ENHANCED SLOT DESIGN - Our silver drawer organizer features deeper slots compared to other brands, preventing silverware from sticking out or getting stuck when opening the drawer. Enjoy hassle-free access to your utensils while maintaining a clutter-free kitchen.

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1 Organizer
80 Labels

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jen M
Great for Large Cuttlery Drawers

We have 2 sets of silverware we just can't bring ourselves to toss and replace. One is dainty, one more sturdy. This organizer has enough space to accommodate both sets in a single drawer without really mixing them. (I did double the forks, but there is room for that.) If you have shallow drawers you will need to be aware of placement for bulkier items like the serving fork. It works fine on the bottom, but on top of the stack it might prevent your drawer from closing.

Nicole Lambert
Nearly perfect...

Fits a LOT of flatware. Mine's loaded with 16 each teaspoons, soup spoons, salad forks, dinner forks, butter knives, and steak knives. It looks sleek, has a low profile, and overall works better than the plastic flatware caddies, especially if your flatware design doesn't allow for stacking. (Mine has round handles which stack about as well as footballs do.)

But there's one fatal flaw. At the back of each compartment is a thin, flimsy piece of wood notched on each side. It snaps into the structure and is intended to stop the flatware in that compartment from sliding into the box underneath. And it's way too flimsy to serve the purpose, as one of mine already snapped. These should have been substantial blocks of wood, but they're about as durable as cardboard. I'm going to replace all of them.

So, nearly perfect. I'm happy with it in general, but a bit annoyed at yet another project I have to do because someone didn't think through the design of their product.
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